Seafood Giant Increases Compliance Coverage to Meet Global Regulation

Cooke Aquaculture, the leader in the global seafood industry, was established in 1985. 

Over the years, the company expanded its facilities, product lines, and distribution networks to become fully-integrated within its aquaculture operations. With acquisitions, Cooke has further expanded its seafood assets into wild fishery.

Centralizing Audit Management Across All Active Sites

To meet rapid organizational growth while operating in the most remote parts of the world, a digital, mobile and centralized system was needed. Cooke Aquaculture needed to overcome the limitations of their paper-based auditing techniques and take part in a digital transformation. Improving and streamlining the overall workflow of their Non-Conformance and CAPA management systems was a top priority for the organization.


Lacking a Scalable, Mobile Approach to Audit Management

Paper-Based Systems

Improved productivity was not possible with paper-based audits or manual CAPA & Non-Conformance management. Their manual systems were tedious, cumbersome, time-consuming and lacked real-time visibility of quality issues.

Lacking Visibility into Third-Party Compliance

Tracking and management of supplier compliance – before implementation, excel was used to spot recurring issues, Hindering their ability to visualize real-time supplier risk status across their supply chain.

Multi-Site Management

Cooke’s expansion had placed increasing demands on the quality team to produce the same level of value across their sites.

Slow & Limited Reporting Capabilities

As Cooke was using excel spreadsheets to monitor performance, when data was uploaded it was usually out of date, slowing the ability to react in real-time to organizational events.

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"The AuditComply ERM platform allows us to operate and conduct our audits from the most remote locations in the world. The online/offline capability in correlation with the non-conformance management system has allowed us to streamline our whole auditing process. Paper-based systems are now something of the past. It’s compliance management made easy." Cooke Jennifer Wiper, Quality Manager at Cooke

80% Faster Response Times to Regulatory Change

Reduction in The Time & Costs Required to Manage Third-Party Risk

Cooke Aquaculture worked together to map processes and configure workflows to enhance the management and tracking of supplier compliance. Supplier self-assessments, monitoring, grading & issue management are just some of the features used to enhance quality across the supply chain.

Increase in Issues & Actions Raised

The raising, recording and tracking of Non-Conformances with integrated issue management have propelled Cooke Aquaculture to achieve exceptional levels of quality control.

Faster Response Times to Regulatory Change

The ability to build & custom assessments allows Cooke Aquaculture to stay on top of regulatory compliance in real-time, pushing all updates automatically to users.

Mobile Assessment

With AuditComply’s mobile platform, CA can work online or offline. Working offline in the field and re-syncing with their enterprise system when ready has been a great benefit.

Improved Visibility & Collaboration

AuditComply has provided 360-degree visibility into program performance across all sites within one integrated and centralized platform. All compliance data is accessed from real-time dashboards instantly reflecting Risk, Compliance & Quality status. Configurable communication capabilities have enhanced data sharing across locations & sites.

A Continuously Evolving Process

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