Dairy Giant Automates Quality & Audit Workflows to Increase Productivity by 50%

KDD is a Kuwait based company, specializing in the production and distribution of dairy products

In total, the company manufactures over 125 different products. KDD is committed to quality and has invested heavily in raw material sourcing, machinery, production processes and quality control to ensure the excellence of its products.

Streamlining Audit Management to Maintain & Achieve Quality Accreditations

KDD underwent a complete digital transformation with AuditComply, a transformation that would shape their quality team for years to come. By streamlining the approach to document control, automating issue management workflows & significantly reducing the use of paper, AuditComply increased productivity by a staggering 50% across the KDD quality team.


Lacking Real-Time Visibility & Control of The Quality Process

Lacking Scalability

KDD’s growth has placed increasing demands on the quality team to produce the same level of resources while meeting ISO quality standards.

Manual Systems

Improved productivity was not possible with paper-based audits or manual CAPA & Non-Conformance management. Their manual systems were tedious, cumbersome, time-consuming and lacked real-time visibility of quality issues.

Siloed Processes

These challenges drove the KDD quality team to initiate a search for a digital & fully integrated system. A system that would map to quality and regulatory standards while streamlining the audit process and Non-Conformance workflows.

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“The visibility and automation of AuditComply is tremendously important to the process control of our business. In this part of the world, manufacturers like KDD rely on world-class processing equipment and automation. AuditComply allows us to be very well supported in that regard." KDD Ted Roberts, Quality Assurance Manager at KDD

QMS Digital Transformation

Agile QMS & Extensive Document Control

AuditComply offered KDD the ability to digitize their quality management system and streamline their approach to document control.

Flexibility Approach to Meeting Changing Regulations

Great benefits could be seen from creating, updating, distributing and retrieving both assessment templates and reports, in real-time. AuditComply’s bespoke template builder allowed for the raising and assigning of Non-Conformances in app while conducting audits oline

Audit Planning, Fieldwork & Review

With the ability to assign and schedule audits or Non-Conformances, both in app or via desktop, workflows throughout KDD were improved dramatically. KDD now have the benefit of greater visibility across sites and departments from one centralized system.

A Continuously Evolving Process

Read more about how KDD continues to trust AuditComply to uphold, strengthen & match quality requirements across their organization.