Leading Horticulture Company Automates Quality Management

Westland Horticulture was established in 1990 in Dungannon, Ireland.

Westland has grown in size and strength and is now one of the leading and fastest-growing horticultural companies in the UK. Supplying a wide range of market-leading gardening products to the industry.

Centralizing Quality Management

Westland selected the AuditComply Enterprise Risk Management Platform to streamline and improve their Supplier Management, Quality and H&S audits. AuditComply immediately replaced Westlands paper-based system to allow for a total digital transformation across the organization


Increasing Complexity

Paper-Based Assurance

Westland set out to find a solution that could replace their paper-based system, a cumbersome and slow approach to their Quality Management.

Manual Issue Tracking

With paper-based systems, there is a significant time spent tracking & closing corrective actions. Limiting the ability to react quickly to identified Non-Conformances or Hazards.

Limited Reporting & Analytics

The solution Westland was seeking required features and functions to streamline all of the above, as well as provide reporting and analytics which was non-existent in a paper-based system.

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Making risk mitigation an everyday occurrence

Digital Transformation

AuditComply immediately replaced Westland’s paper-based system to allow for a total digital transformation across the organization. Paper usage has decreased by 75% across the organization. Contributing to the overall ROI of the system.

Workflow Automation

The combination of a comprehensive enterprise workflow with the speed and ability to deploy a mobile-first app was crucial for Westland. AuditComply was selected because we delivered value on day one and we embrace change seamlessly to meet their growth requirements.

Increased Visibility into Performance 

Comprehensive, filterable reports and dashboards make it easy to identify and eliminate recurring risks.

Reduction in Data capture Error

Significant reduction in errors due to trending analytics and business intelligence. Users can spot recurring issues instantly and follow up on issues as quickly as possible. Real-time analytics, decision trees & root cause analysis have boosted eiciencies throughout the team.

A Continuously Evolving Process

AuditComply has assisted in creating a culture of continuous improvement across Westland Horticulture. Risk mitigation is an everyday occurrence