Oil & Gas

Maximize the value of your assets, mitigating supply chain risk, remaining competitive & aligning all GRC operations with global strategy.

AuditComply Risk Assessment

Integrated Risk Management Solutions for Upstream, Midstream & Downstream

Configurable Audit Universe

Build an environment that promotes one source of truth across all your auditable entities

EHS Management

Capture, manage & investigate at asset level to build an understanding of operational & EHS risk.

Enterprise Risk Management

Centralize your risk management program into an all-in-one hub.

Quality Management

Introduce a risk-based QMS to simplify planning and effectively manage assurance, control & improvement.

Managing a Complex Network of Risks

Rising demand, volatile prices, healthy & safety hazards, cybersecurity threats, climate change are just some examples of the risks this sensitive and dynamic industry faces.

With digital transformation accelerating globalization organizations are continuing to expand their operations across the globe, increasing their reach and presence in multiple countries at any one time. This demands a platform can ensure risk identification and compliance across a number of countries and juridicitions. A fully agile and scalable solution that provides a full undertanding of risks linked to organizational activity and growth.

Developing an Agile Risk Management Ecosystem

AuditComply increases the effectiveness of auditing, as well as compliance & risk management. Allowing Oil & Gas organizations to align governance initiatives with strategy & corporate objectives, distributing information to line of business to assign ownership, execution and accountability.

Align IRM initiatives with Global Strategy

Organizations that manage risk effectively across the enterprise have a powerful advantage in today’s Oil & Gas field.

How the Leading Oil & Gas Organizations Benefit With Auditcomply

Oil & Gas Company Chooses AuditComply to Streamline Supplier & Audit Management

The customer is a leading Oil & Gas company, with 40,000 locations worldwide & revenues in excess of $300B. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is involved in all aspects of the industry, from exploration to trading & logistics.

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Risk-Based Audit

Focus on the analysis & management of risk

  • Comprehensive audit scheduler for a seamless audit experience
  • Reduce rework with libraries of past audits, templates, risks & controls
  • Conduct fieldwork offline with dedicated mobile apps (iOS/Android)
  • Schedule Work Programs (triggered by risk status, time or schedule)
  • Send requests directly to process owners with built-in emails and reminders
  • Automate the review, approval & reminder process with configurable workflows
  • Schedule audits based on control updates, issues or tasks

Remote Auditing

Remove Geographic Boundaries

  • Avoiding traveling to “difficult” locations.
  • Build bespoke templates & configure workflows
  • Schedule self-assessments via dedicated web portals
  • Easily capture offline with mobile applications (iOS/Android)
  • Version control to make changes and push to external users

Capture, Track & Report Issues

Gain full visibility into the safety & quality issues

  • Visibility across all your audits, drill down into status, findings & remediation
  • Ensure all tasks & issues are actioned on time with automated alerts
  • Create one-click reports and categorize issues
  • Streamline evidence collection with offline mobile data capture
  • Track remediation with assignment, default due dates & scheduled follow-ups
  • Full Non-Conformance, CAPA & Root Cause Analysis

Critical Risk Assessment

Identify potential failures, including causes & effects

  • Build robust risk frameworks to meet your requirements (FMEA)
  • Assess, monitor & mitigate a wide range of risks (IT, Supplier, Operational)
  • Connect across silos & manage associated risk registers
  • Streamline mitigation activities & action plans with cross-functional teams
  • Consolidate multiple asset-based risk registers into a Board Level register
  • Build a storyline line of your risk profile using real-time insights & dashboards

Assess Supplier & Third Party Risk

Simplify oversight complexity with dedicated portals

  • Categorize & Grade suppliers by a number of factors
  • Simplify oversight complexity with dedicated supplier portals
  • Automate & simplify the management of certificates
  • Automatically reassess each supplier according to a set timetable
  • Consolidate multiple supplier risk registers into a board-level register
  • Track agreements, contracts, policies, and credentials to reduce exposures to third-party risk

Real-time Analytics & Branded Reporting

Reduce the administrative burden & cost

  • Generate branded reports with just one click
  • Build asset-based risk registers
  • Get high-level insights on the status and effectiveness of your audit program
  • Design & build executive reports for senior stakeholders
  • Drill down, filter & perform trend analysis with real-time visualizations
  • Utilize customizable Scoring & Grading schemes for better information management