Food & Beverage

A single platform to manage Risk, EHS, Customer, Quality and Supplier performance programs including the ability to maintain compliance with regulatory demand such as BRC, SQF, FSMA, FDA and more

Tired of Late Nights, Spreadsheets & Phone Calls?

AuditComply is a paperless audit management platform. A food safety, Quality & Compliance solution transforming the way organizations assess, manage and report on FSQA, supplier performance and inspection processes in real-time. A mobile first application that assures compliance with SQF, BRC, FDA, FSMA, HACCP, ISO 22000 and more, seamlessly across any location.

Food Safety, Quality & Supplier Management

AuditComply puts a powerful platform in the hands of your team – including a fully-functional offline mobile app for going onsite.

Be Audit Ready

Full audit trails ensure you are fully prepared for any surprise

Maintain Quality Records

With full audit trails, version control & extensive reporting

Improve Yield

Instantly pinpoint problem areas to track & report on issues in real-time

Minimize Recalls

Reduce defect levels, automate policy and reduce scrap or rework

Ease the Burden

Integrate standards & regulatory content into powerful workflows

Focus on Food

A solution developed by FSQA professionals

Simplify Claimbacks

Report issues directly to your suppliers & distributors to recoup costs faster

"The AuditComply ERM platform allows us to operate and conduct our audits from the most remote locations in the world. The online/offline capability in correlation with the non-conformance management system has allowed us to streamline our whole auditing process. Paper-based systems are now something of the past. It’s compliance management made easy." Cooke Jennifer Wiper, Quality Manager at Cooke
Plan, Track & Manage

Full end-to-end management of your entire food safety & quality program

360° Issue Management

Enterprise-wide issue identification, follow up and reporting capability


Build custom accreditation or regulatory compliance work programs

Manage Suppliers

Save time on supplier relationship management with dedicated supplier portals.

Audit Planning & Workflow

Planning, scheduling & fieldwork to the generation of reports

Offline Mobile Enabled

Conduct assessments anywhere at any time on iOS or Android

Monitor Temperatures

Set automated alerts when thresholds are breached

360° Issue Management

Enterprise-wide issue identification, follow up and reporting capability

Risk Automation

Connect events, build risk registers, calculate RPNs, initiate action plans & generate detailed risk reports.

Tamper Proof Audit Trail

Ensure your work is fully defensible to regulators & external auditors

Document Control

Centralize management of SOPs, manuals, documentation, work instructions & more.

Manage Suppliers

Save time on supplier relationship management with dedicated supplier portals.


Ease Regulatory Compliance

Keep up to date with all Food Safety legislation

  • Integrated regulatory content into powerful workflows
  • Build templates specific to ISO, SQF, BRC, HAACP & more
  • Manage the audit lifecycle & allocate resources quickly
  • Version control to push updates seamlessly to all users
  • Compliance reports are graded, branded & distributed Immediately
  • View compliance status at site, regional, national or international level


A mobile device open showing a list view of Audits submitted to the AuditComply App. There is text either side of the phone alongside two App users stating that they having submitted Audits to the App.

Automate Food Safety & Quality

Collect critical food safety & quality data on any device

  • Build, replicate & optimize your current FSQA assessments
  • Create a tailored flow & subset questions to log observations
  • Include multiple data capture elements (eg. Calculations, Thresholds)
  • Configure reporting, notifications & alert types
  • Full version control with tamper-proof audit trails
  • Ensure records are always safe, stored & accessible

Capture, Track & Report Issues

Gain full visibility into the safety & quality issues

  • Visibility across all your audits, drill down into status, findings & remediation
  • Ensure all tasks & issues are actioned on time with automated alerts
  • Create one-click reports and categorize issues
  • Streamline evidence collection with offline mobile data capture
  • Track remediation with assignment, default due dates & scheduled follow-ups
  • Full Non-Conformance, CAPA & Root Cause Analysis

Understand Status in a Single Click

Score, grade & report assessments accordingly with real-time analytics

  • Generate branded reports with just one click
  • Get high-level insights on the status and effectiveness of your audit program
  • Design & build executive reports for senior stakeholders
  • Drill down, filter & perform trend analysis with real-time visualizations
  • Utilize customizable Scoring & Grading schemes for better information management

Encourage Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Configure internal business processes

  • Automate the review, approval & reminder process
  • Comment, propose, and accept changes from the platform
  • Communicate updates, grades, issues, upcoming due dates & more
  • Set Email or SMS alerts for scheduling, reminders & tasks
  • Configure the frequency of all communications on a per template basis
  • Customize content & brand all communications

Assess Supplier & Third Party Risk

Simplify oversight complexity with dedicated portals

  • Categorize & Grade suppliers by a number of factors
  • Simplify oversight complexity with dedicated supplier portals
  • Automate & simplify the management of certificates
  • Automatically reassess each supplier according to a set timetable
  • Consolidate multiple supplier risk registers into a board-level register
  • Track agreements, contracts, policies, and credentials to reduce exposures to third-party risk