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Customer Stories

Leading Manufacturer Eliminates Plant Downtime & Streamlines EHSQ Management

With a workforce of over 900 professionals worldwide and revenues surpassing €300 million, this Canada-based company stands as a global frontrunner in designing and manufacturing quality screening and crushing equipment.

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Reduced Reporting Time

Engagement Uplift

Improved Risk Assessment

Lower Operational Costs

Manufacturing Excellence Through Connected Teams, Suppliers, Quality & Production

Eliminate Plant Shutdown

Reduce lost production days with automated stock counts

Captivate Frontline Workers

Improve engagement & happiness with an easy-to-use solution

Reduce Rework & Waste

Minimize material, energy or product waste at every stage of production

Lower Cost of Quality

Improve processes & prevent quality issues before they occur

Customer Stories

Achieving Frontline Success Through Quality Management Excellence

Unity on the frontline is key for success in dynamic manufacturing environments. Rapid data sharing empowers seamless collaboration, helping connected workers troubleshoot and adapt efficiently to maintain high productivity.

With 20 years of experience in Oil & Gas and Aerospace, Santiago Loa highlights the advantages of integrating Quality Management systems with the contemporary, interconnected workforce, and the importance of fostering a strong safety and quality culture with minimal disruptions.

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Fewer Defects, Minimized Waste, and Improved Efficiency

Achieve 60% less in operational checks and data management, 45% reduction in rework, fewer defects, and waste minimization. Enhance throughput and quality at a lower COQ, while maintaining ISO 14001, 9001, and 45001 compliance. Streamline operations and elevate quality control.


Cover all the major government and industry accreditations

Document Control

Centralize the storage of SOPs, evidence, policies & more

Risk Assessment

Centralized hub for real-time risk intelligence across assets


Stay ahead of unplanned downtime with scheduling dashboards

Issue Management

Capture quality incidents with real-time follow up & status updates

Supplier Portals

Improve relationships with dedicated supplier portals


Eliminate Plant Shutdown Days With Automated Stock Counts

Experience uninterrupted production with Automated Stock Counts, ensuring Zero Plant Shutdowns. By eliminating plant downtime, you avoid lost production days. This seamless approach not only lowers operational costs but also enhances cash flow efficiency. Embrace a more productive, cost-effective, and uninterrupted manufacturing environment.

Ensure Predictable, Repeatable Quality Delivery

Secure consistent quality with in-line checks, transparent reporting, and easy audit tracking. Streamline processes for reliable, high-standard outcomes every time, ensuring predictable and repeatable excellence.

Learn about AuditComply and Manufacturing

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Take an enlightening deep-dive into the effect of QMS on the success of frontline operations. Hear from Santiago Loa as he weaves engaging stories from his journey in Quality Management, empowering you to achieve operational excellence.

ISO Guide


Navigating occupational health and safety has never been easier. Enhance your brand’s reputation and reduce workplace incidents with clear instructions and a comprehensive checklist from AuditComply.

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AuditComply explore the detrimental impacts of rework & waste on operational efficiency in manufacturing. Learn how to implement effective technologies to drive quality and optimize your operations.