Release 4.27.0

Richard Wilson April 14, 2017


New Role Type: Auditor

The Auditor Role allows greater permissions to users who are conducting and managing Audits. Auditors can Schedule themselves Audits and Inspections they have access to via the Portal and manage any Audits they have conducted or submitted through the system.



-An empty alerts table should no longer appear in the Completed Audit PDF.

-The Add Existing Requirements option of the Template Builder has received a face lift.

-Publishing a Scoring Scheme will now make the user publishing aware of the version they are about to publish.

-The Completed Audits List PDF now contains the Audit ID for reference.

-Root Cause field in Corrective Action emails will now properly include any formatting that was added to it.

-Additional Input Fields will now appear instantly when building a Template rather than requiring you to refresh the page.

-Root Cause field in Preventative Action PDFs will now properly include any formatting that was added to it.

-Reopening a Corrective or Preventative Action will now send an email to the assignee indicating the change in status.

-Alerts can now be closed in bulk.

-You can now filter by Alert Summary on the Alerts List.

-Changing a Score to a Non-Compliant Score on a Completed Audit will now trigger the CAPA dialogue in line with the App and Desktop Audit Conduction.

-Mandatory Requirements can no longer be set as NA on Completed Audits.

-A default Due Date for Non-Conformances / CAPAs can now be configured on a per Template basis.

-Dialogues have received a facelift and no longer cause issues on smaller monitors.

-You can now choose whether to enable or disable the copying of the Observation Text to the Non-Conformance field on a per Template basis.

-Non-Admin users who have not set a Username will no longer see a long set of characters in place of their Username.

-The Status of the Non-Conformance / CAPA in emails will now stand out more.

-Fixed an issue where the โ€œSaveโ€ button on Observation inputs would go out of line on when conducting an Audit on the Desktop.

-Newly raised Non-Conformances / CAPAs can no longer be set as reopened.

-Fixed an issue with filtering Audit Templates on the Schedule Calendar.

-Preventative Action Emails should now correctly show its ID.

-A history of Score changes on Requirements is now available on the Completed Audit.

-Pressing cancel while editing a Contact will now bring you back to the Supplier information page rather than the Supplier list.

Supplier Module

-Suppliers who have open Non-Conformances against them can no longer be archived.

-System Admins can now renew or extend the period of time a Supplier Contact will have access to their list of Non-Conformances.

-Files uploaded by a Supplier Contact will now how who they were uploaded by.

-Rejection messages will now appear as a trail against Non-Conformances that have been reopened.

-Auditors will now receive emails when Non-Conformances are set as In Review as a result of a Contact submitting a Non-Conformance.



-Pressing the โ€œRefreshโ€ button on the App will now refresh every list rather than only the one currently on screen.

-Inspection notes now contain more information on the Inspection being conducted.

-Assessments inside the Historical Assessments area now have an information option that provides a quick high level overview of that Assessment.

Supplier Module

-Auditors can choose to change the score of the affected Requirement when closing the Non-Conformance.

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