Supplier Management

Connects the dots of a fractured supply chain & improve supplier relationships with streamlined vendor management

Lower Onboarding Times

Less in Procurement Costs

Higher Supplier Quality

in Supplier Credit Requests

Has your Supply Chain Grown Ungovernably Large?

Full visibility of the entire supplier lifecycle

With organizations adding hundreds of new suppliers every day it may become impossible to provide the simple assurances of risk, quality and even safety, particularly at local level. Each supplier has a dedicated supplier portal where users can manage communications, assessments, reporting and more. With the ability to combine data to report on a global scale.


Customer Stories

Automotive Tier 1 Manufacturer Streamlines Supplier Quality Management

The company has over 70,000 employees in 27 countries and is among the biggest Tier 1 automotive suppliers in the world, boasting annual revenues exceeding USD 10 billion. The customer’s products save over 30,000 lives each year and prevent ten times as many injuries.

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See Every Supplier in One Place

Map your entire supply chain

Efficiently manage suppliers both individually and enterprise-wide by segmenting them based on categories, location, and business units. Utilize custom templates for jurisdiction-specific assessments and grade suppliers using multiple criteria to generate comprehensive enterprise-wide reports.

Supplier Repository

Search/filter supplier information in a custom-built repository

Information Management

Consolidate all supplier data and activities in a secure repository

Compliance Monitoring

Manage supplier-related requirements for ISO, FDA & more.

360° Issue Management

Enterprise-wide issue identification, follow up and reporting capability

Risk Due Diligence

Targeted assessments & automated risk mitigation workflows

Supplier Risk Scoring

Identify risk through self-assessments with custom scoring

Score & Grade Suppliers

Ensure better supplier selection & improved performance

Scoring and grading suppliers on compliance ensures consistent delivery of high-quality products and services, aligning with standards and regulations. This strategy mitigates risks of non-compliance and motivates suppliers to continuously improve their operations, reducing the likelihood of costly compliance issues or delays.

Dedicated Supplier Portals to Collaborate

Assign, action and communicate with suppliers

Provide your suppliers with an easy-to-use platform to capture data and provide documentation and certification. This integration enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves supply chain reliability, fostering stronger, transparent relationships between companies and suppliers.

Automate Documentation & Certification Request

Are you getting the most out of your suppliers?

Ensure you receive current information from suppliers. The system automates and simplifies administrative tasks, decreasing manual effort, and maintains well-organized digital records for quick and easy access.

Learn More About AuditComply & Supplier Management

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In the era of digitalization, manufacturers are increasingly relying on advanced technologies to optimize their supply chains. Find out how AuditComply’s SCM can simplify supply chain complexity in your organization.

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In this blog we explore the challenges facing supply chains & how Supply Chain Management solutions can streamline and simplify strategic sourcing, minimizing the risk of any future disruption.

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The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act pinpoints specific requirements for supply chain management, with the intention of eradicating human rights violations across all points of the supply chain.