Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS)

Foster a safe and healthy work environment while maintaining high standards and compliance

Less Workplace Accidents

Improvement in Scores

Higher Engagement Rates

Lower Absenteeism Rates

Workplace Safety Made Simple

Safety Audit Software: Anytime, Anywhere

Safety is the responsibility of everyone, everywhere. As an end-to-end integrated risk management platform, AuditComply ensures you are maintaining compliance with EHS regulations in all locations you operate, embedding a culture of safety and excellence throughout the enterprise.

We understand that effective EHS comes from the top-down, encompassing all business units. Using AuditComply’s mobile-enabled app users can identify and reduce workplace hazards and risks in real-time, even when they aren’t connected to the internet.


Stay Ahead of Regulation

Maintain compliance with RIDDOR, BSI, OSHA, HSE, COSHH, ISO 45001, & more

Go Mobile

Available from any browser or mobile device able to capture & assess offline.

Accident & Investigations

Prevent issues by capturing the root cause & report instantly to stakeholders.

Risk Assessment

Centralized hub for real-time risk intelligence across assets

Customer Stories

Leading Manufacturer Eliminates Plant Downtime & Streamlines EHSQ Management

In 2019, the manufacturer was acquired by Metso Outotec for €279m, a world-leading industrial company opering equipment and services for Mining, Oil & Gas and Recycling industries. Metso Outotec employs over 14,000 people in more than 50 countries with annual revenues in excess of €3.6bn.

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Prevent Incidents & Promote a Safety Culture

Ensure under-reporting is a thing of the past

Provide a platform where team members feel can effortlessly raise safety issues and tackle potential hazards. Simplify the process of capturing observations, hazards, close calls and incidents, ensuring under-reporting is a thing of the past.

Zoomed out image of 4 pages stacked on top of each other containing graphs and reports as would be seen on AuditComply.

Achieve & maintain ISO 45001 by monitoring EHS processes.

Hazard Analysis

Quickly identify hazards & risks associated with jobs or projects.

Audit Planning & Workflow

Planning, scheduling & fieldwork to the generation of reports

360° Issue Management

Enterprise-wide issue identification, follow up and reporting capability

Chemical Management

Protect employees or areas from long-term affects.

Central Risk Hub

Identify risk, connect across silos & manage associated risk registers


ISO / OSHA / IAP Compliance

Uphold various EHS standards & frameworks

Automate your entire audit process seamlessly. Centralize data management in one location. Easily create audits, perform inspections, and delegate audit tasks. Adapt our templates for ISO, OSHA, and IAP compliance standards.

Insights to Drive Proactive Safety Decisions

Create a data-driven safety culture for all

Manage EHS effectively with real-time monitoring through customizable dashboards and analytics. Track safety incidents, environmental impacts, and compliance, aiding in risk management and decision-making for enhanced workplace safety and environmental responsibility.

Learn about AuditComply and EHS Management

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Human errors carry the potential to incur hefty financial losses, tarnish a company’s repute, undermine compliance with regulatory mandates, or at worst, injury/death. Dive into how a QMS can catapult manufacturing operations to excellence.

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Navigating occupational health and safety has never been easier. Enhance your organization’s reputation and reduce workplace incidents effortlessly, with clear instructions and a comprehensive checklist from AuditComply.

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AuditComply and Power BI’s integration is revolutionizing the world of FSQA analytics, unleashing the power of fresh, real-time insights, empowering FSQA professionals to make swift strategic decisions in a matter of clicks.