Risk Management

Break down silos, connect your organization and deliver actionable risk insights.

Increased Efficiency

More Visibility Over Risk

Improvement in Risk Metrics

Less Operational Risk

Integrated Risk Management

Evolve the way you identify, assess & respond to risk

Streamline your risk management process by seamlessly identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks. Integrate all business functions, fostering cohesion and connectivity. Strengthen ties with key partners, suppliers, and outsourced entities, ensuring a comprehensive risk overview. Keep stakeholders informed by linking risk and control updates to corresponding mitigation efforts, all consolidated in a readily accessible central hub.


Central Risk Hub

Identify risk, connect across silos & manage associated risk registers

Asset-Based Risk Registers

Identify challenges, critical issues & risks your assets may be facing

Agile Risk Framework

Update RPN whilst monitoring and testing controls on an ongoing basis

Real-Time Risk Reports

Build a story of your risk profile with real-time insights & dashboards.

Customer Stories

Manufacturer Eliminates Plant Downtime and Cuts Risk & Audit Management Tasks by 60%

With a workforce of over 900 professionals worldwide and revenues surpassing €300 million, this Canada-based company stands as a global frontrunner in designing and manufacturing quality screening and crushing equipment.

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Automate Risk Workflows

Risk Control, Document & Assessment

Tailor robust risk frameworks to align with your specific needs. Our pre-built template library facilitates immediate risk assessment, enabling the detection of vulnerabilities in real-time and seamlessly incorporating new risks and associated controls. Enhance efficiency with scheduled work programs triggered by risk status, time, or schedule considerations.

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Identify vulnerabilities, drive performance & minimize disruption

Risk Automation

Build risk registers, calculate RPNs & generate detailed reports

Establish Action Plans

Connect to live events & enable real-time evaluation & required actions

Risk Control Matrices

Control libraries with risk, severity & likelihood based on potential cause.

Classification of Risk

Treat risk based on priority, resource management & effectiveness.

3D Risk Scoring

Score risks by Severity, Likelihood & Control Rating to determine RPN.

Risk Mitigation Action Planning

Determine clear triggers for action

We streamline the process by linking risk and control updates to mitigating activities, triggering automated alerts. Our system embraces task and issue assignment, incorporating default due dates and automatic close-out capabilities. Additionally, we offer a robust framework for Full Non-Conformance, CAPA, and root cause analysis, bolstered by the ability to efficiently review, categorize, reference, and affect necessary changes.


Asset-Based Risk Registers

Set risk appetite, capacity & tolerance at any level

Contextualize comprehensive asset-related data, encompassing intangible and tangible resources like employees, products, and sites. Effortlessly monitor individual asset risk statuses enterprise-wide, consolidating multiple registers into a board-level overview. Employ real-time analytics for proactive vulnerability identification, minimizing disruptions.

Configurable Risk Templates

Build robust risk frameworks unique to you

Create personalized risk frameworks with Configurable Risk Templates, tailored to your unique needs. Identify potential failures by examining their causes and effects, and score risks based on Severity, Likelihood, and Control Ratings. Customize assessment logic for efficient data capture, and seamlessly adapt to changes using template version control.

Actionable Risk Intelligence

Full visibility of risk status with custom reporting

Craft executive reports tailored for senior stakeholders, pinpoint high-impact risks and root causes in real-time, and access role-based dashboards for detailed information on risk programs. Deliver engaging and meaningful reports enriched with risk heat maps, top risk summaries, risk control matrices, and more, ensuring a thorough understanding of your organization’s risk landscape.

Learn More About AuditComply and Risk Management

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In the era of digitalization, manufacturers are increasingly relying on advanced technologies to optimize their supply chains. Find out how AuditComply’s SCM can simplify supply chain complexity in your organization.

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FSVP was introduced to provide assurance that all imported food is safe for consumption. AuditComply provides dedicated supplier portals to ensure all supplier-related risks are identifiable.

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With advances in risk technology, insights and expertise, we are entering the golden age of risk analytics. Organizations are mining deeper and extracting more information from their growing mountains of data.