Risk Management

Break down silos, connect your organization and deliver actionable risk insights.

Central Risk Hub

Identify risk, connect across silos & manage associated risk registers

Asset-Based Risk Registers

Identify new challenges, critical issues & risks your assets may be facing

Fluid & Agile Risk Framework

Update RPN whilst monitoring and testing controls on an ongoing basis

Real-Time Risk Reports

Build a storyline of your risk profile using real-time insights & dashboards.

Global Manufacturer Increases Issue Identification by 4x & Reduces Risk Silos

With a legacy dating back to 1985, McCloskey International has garnered a global reputation for pioneering cutting-edge mobile screening and crushing innovations, setting the benchmark for high-performance products in the industry.

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Identify vulnerabilities, drive performance & minimize disruption with risk-based asset management.

Risk Automation

Connect events, build risk registers, calculate RPNs, initiate action plans & generate detailed risk reports.

Establish Action Plans

Connect to live events & allow for real-time evaluation of the current controls & required actions.

Risk Control Matrices

Control libraries with associated risk, severity & likelihood based upon potential cause.

Classification of Risk

Treat risk based upon priority, optimizing resource management & effectiveness.

3D Risk Scoring

Score the identified risks by Severity, Likelihood, Control Rating to determine RPN.


Integrated Risk Management

Evolve the way you identify, assess & respond to risk

  • Identify, evaluate & prioritize risks
  • Unify risk management activities & connect all business functions
  • Connect key business partners, suppliers & outsourced entities
  • Link risk & control updates to mitigating activities
  • Track & inform stakeholders of your enterprise’s risk response
  • Consolidate all risk-related information in one, easily accessible place



Automate Risk Workflows

Risk Control, Document & Assessment

  • Assess, monitor and mitigate a wide range of risks (IT, Supplier, Operational)
  • Build robust risk frameworks to meet your requirements (FMEA)
  • Assess risks immediately with our pre-built template library
  • Detect vulnerabilities, add new risks & associated controls in real-time
  • Schedule Work Programs (triggered by risk status, time or schedule)

Risk Mitigation Action Planning

Determine clear triggers for action

  • Create and assign action plans for owners in just one click
  • Link risk & control updates to mitigating activities with automated alerts
  • Embrace task / issue assignment, default due dates & auto close-out abilities
  • Full Non-Conformance, CAPA & root cause analysis
  • Implement the ability to review, categorize, reference & affect 


Asset Based Risk Registers

Set risk appetite, capacity & tolerance at any level

  • Contextualize all asset-related information
  • Assets for any intangible or tangible resource (Employee, Product, Site etc)
  • Monitor the risk status of individual assets across the enterprise
  • Consolidate multiple asset-based risk registers into a board-level register
  • Utilize real-time analytics to identify vulnerabilities & minimize disruption

Configurable Risk Templates

Build robust risk frameworks unique to you

  • Identify potential failures, including causes and effects
  • Score the identified risks by Severity, Likelihood & Control Ratings
  • Customize your assessment logic to ensure effective data capture
  • Adapt to changes seamlessly with template version control

Actionable Risk Intelligence

Full visibility of risk status with custom reporting

  • Generate branded risk reports with just one click
  • Design & build executive reports for senior stakeholders
  • Identify the high impact risks and root cause in real-time
  • Access information on risk programs with role-based dashboards
  • Deliver engaging & meaningful reports with risk heat maps, top risk summaries, risk control matrices & more