Buried in paper? Go paperless. Go Digital.

Richard Wilson November 15, 2017

Auditors and organizations everywhere are still dependent on spreadsheets and word documents to do their day job. According to research by Iron Mountain, employees spend approximately 30% of their time looking for information.

With new regulations comes added pressure on auditors to improve results and streamline processes. There is an ever increasing need to hold and manage data – lots of it on paper- still!

Using a digital auditing solution automates previously manual and tedious work, giving organizations the ability to increase their operational efficiency as well as streamlining their communication methods, leading to a frictionless and cost-effective auditing process.

The use of traditional paper-based methods continues to make the road to compliance even more complex. As regulatory bodies continue to place demanding requirements upon organizations the cost of failure is alarming. With heavy fines, damage to reputation and in the worst cases, prison, why take the risk?

Regulatory fines issued by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2016 were quadruple the level of previous year’s total, according to data collected by compliance and regulatory technology firm Wolters Kluwer.

These risks are the reason why many organizations across multiple industries are turning to automated, digital, risk management solutions such as AuditComply.

(AuditComply Dashboard)

Paper-based systems are tedious, cumbersome, time-consuming and lack real-time visibility.

Benefits of going digital.

-Enhanced communication – accountability built in

-Increased operational efficiency

-Time savings

-Cost savings

-Reduction in erros

-Real time data helps you make better decisions

-Fully auditable process

-Save paper – help the environment

Think of the benefits of knowing that auditors in the field are using the correct version of your checklists, assessments and templates. With the implementation of a digital system every user is updated with the most up to date documents at all times; whether they are users in the field or managers back in the office, everyone is operating from the same source.

Going digital means we can streamline this traditional approach. Take your existing templates, share them with colleagues and move on from pen and paper as well as the endless printing and filing, once and for all. Not only are you saving on paper but you are removing that risk of false data entries and poor practice with custom templates.

How users receive their data has changed dramatically. With massive time savings to be gained through easily capturing your findings, the raising and management of non-conformances in real-time, has all been made possible with the AuditComply platform. Thanks to the streamlining of traditional processes, for example adding photos directly into your report, auditors can now document and communicate issues with great efficiency.

With AuditComply, no longer do you have to wait days or even weeks for your reports, they are available as soon as they are generated. This time-saving feature allows for managers to spot issues and risks before they are turned into bigger problems. No longer are you digging through excel spreadsheets, word documents and emails. Everything now comes together in one simple report, scored and graded if required.

(AuditComply Automatic Report Generation)

AuditComply enables modern businesses operating in highly regulated industries to manage their compliance demands and provides:

-Issue visibility through its dashboard

-Instantaneous report generation

-Issue tracking and management

-In-depth analytics

These analytics give insight into the root cause of issues within a business and make it easy to identify and eliminate recurring risks.
Take a step back and compare just some of these digital benefits with your current paper-based compliance system, your Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Maybe it’s time to take your first step towards an efficient and effective digital process.  Transition from paper to digital sounds daunting but it’s not the leap of faith that you might think.

Digital auditing in the real world

Kuwait Dairy Danish Company (KDD) implemented AuditComply’s Electronic Auditing Solution to drive compliance.

KDD’s growth has placed increasing demands on the quality team to produce the same level of resources while meeting ISO 22000 standards. Improved productivity was not possible with paper-based audits and manual Corrective and Preventative Action (“CAPA”) management. They found that paper-based systems were tedious, cumbersome, time-consuming and lacked real-time visibility of quality issues, such as the CAPA status. This drove the KDD quality team to initiate a search for an electronic system that would map to ISO 22000 standards while streamlining the audit process and CAPA workflows.

Following the implementation of the AuditComply system, KDD experienced dramatic improvements in the productivity of their auditing team. The quality team delivered a 50% increase in productivity, which freed up 40 man hours each week. This is the equivalent of KDD employing an additional full-time member of staff.

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