Bridging the gap between Risk & Opportunity with ERM

Richard Wilson October 26, 2018

Risk management is an essential tool for tackling operational uncertainty at all levels. However, modern-day risk management frequently fails to meet expectations, with teams under performing, issues continuing to rise and costs increasing. Organizations, unfortunately, are not gaining the expected benefits from their chosen strategy or platform.

In this ever more complex and uncertain world, risk management software vendors need to address the evident and problematic disconnect between organizational objectives and delivery. With a lack of attention to defined goals and inadequate risk management protocols, organizations are creating a cocktail of issues.

One of the main failings of traditional risk management systems arises from a narrow focus on the negative and the inability to use this data to drive performance and unearth opportunity. To overcome this, organizations need to widen their scope of Enterprise Risk Management to encompass both strategic risks and opportunities, creating an integrated approach to bridge this gap.

Today, AuditComply’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform is doing precisely that. Addressing such risks across a variety of levels and real estate, gathering business intelligence that includes strategy and tactics, covering both opportunity and threats. Effective implementation of Risk & Performance management can deliver many benefits to any organization which are not available from the typical and limited-scope of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) or Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) platforms.

AuditComply is a comprehensive ERM Platform for your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Compliance and Quality needs. With AuditComply, organizations can collaborate, manage, analyze and report on critical internal controls data in real-time, across multiple locations, all from one centralized hub.

The ERM platform has combined the comprehensive enterprise workflow with the speed and ability to deploy a mobile-first app. Enterprise customers select AuditComply because we deliver value on day one and we embrace change seamlessly to meet their daily needs.

Modern day organizations need of a more powerful, scalable and advanced analytics engine that is trusted to uncover data insights to drive better business decisions. A data-intensive and high-level management SaaS platform for the Finance, Manufacturing, Government, Food & Beverage, Aviation, Automotive and Healthcare sectors.

Organizations operating in regulated industries face an ever-increasing challenge to demonstrate compliance, manage and mitigate risk while maintaining and exceeding quality levels. AuditComply is driven by this opportunity and challenge, one that we have a truly innovative solution for. AuditComply is shaping the future of risk management, adding value on day one for clients and ultimately building a platform that allows for digital transformation while enabling business process optimization. AuditComply meets the demand for the need to detect, report and manage issues in an intelligent system approach. A system that can also be deployed quickly and is scalable to the ever-changing landscape without software vendor intervention.

While the Risk Management end-user community is excited about IRM rather than the outdated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, some vendors remain reluctant to acknowledge a recent shift in market focus towards a more streamlined, fast and innovative Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform.

Large on-premise bespoke IRM systems provided by large software vendors all require extensive configuration and bespoke coding to map to the client’s environments. Long rollout and deployment cycles are inherently expensive to maintain with poor user experience. Hence the reason most customers revert to Excel/Word and Sharepoint, ultimately losing the ability to manage consistently at scale across their real-estate. The enterprise usually requires a level of management incorporating role-based access that maps to their business structure to perform mission-critical risk assessments.

What to expect with a new generation Enterprise Risk Management platform:

High-Speed Deployment (Minutes)

Deploy globally & manage locally

Designed for multi-site global deployment with local management

AuditComply – Operating in hours and minutes, NOT months or years

360 Visibility & Increased Flexibility

Template based for full customization

Mobile application, operating both online or offline.

Graft onto processes instantly without recoding

Ability to embrace change every day without software vendor intervention

Comprehensive & Configurable Enterprise Workflow

Full issue & CAPA management stack

Communication and alert management stack

Tamper-proof audit trail

Below you will find just a few of the benefits of implementing the AuditComply Enterprise Risk Management platform:

With the AuditComply Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform, your investment and value are realized from day one. To avail of a free trial of the AuditComply platform, or to discuss a potential partnership, contact the team at

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