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Richard Wilson August 8, 2019

We strongly believe onboarding to our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform should be as quick, efficient and seamless as possible – not the lengthy, painful process other ERM solutions are offering.

Customer success continues to be the driving force behind AuditComply. It is ingrained in our core values, strategy and vision. We continue to hold ourselves to the highest of standards, not just providing customers with the most comprehensive ERM platform on the market but really ensuring they are getting the most out of their Risk, Compliance and Quality data.

AuditComply is lucky to have it’s very own customer success team; a team of dedicated implementation specialists. We pride ourselves in our lightning-fast onboarding process, hands-on training sessions, video tutorials, best practice articles and support. In order to provide the best possible experience of AuditComply, our customer success team is focused on empowering every customer from the very beginning of their Enterprise Risk journey. AuditComply’s training is designed to ensure quick adoption of our Enterprise Risk platform. Different programs and training sessions can be delivered to address different requirements or functions within your organization, preparing your team to go-live and ensure project success.

AuditComply continues to grow because we have always been a customer-focused team. Providing the best ERM solutions and support to ensure we are meeting client requirements and streamlining their approach to achieving their risk management goals. At the end of the day, happy customers will always be our best advocates

 Sarai Walsh, Project Manager at AuditComply.

It’s No Secret, We’re Here To Impress! 

There’s a common saying here at AuditComply, “We don’t count in months or years, we count in hours and minutes”. Our team currently holds the industry-leading deployment time (minutes). As AuditComply is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution, we can graft onto your business processes almost instantly. No additional IT hardware is needed, meaning you don’t waste your time procuring and installing an IT infrastructure for multiple sites to benefit.

A Fully Customizable Experience

Every industry we work with is moving fast, if your chosen ERM solution requires months or years to implement, you’re talking to the wrong people. Providers that offer traditional, on-premise solutions, require extensive configuration and bespoke coding to map to the client’s needs. Long roll-out and deployment cycles are inherently expensive to maintain with poor user experience. This is the reason most consumers revert to Excel/Word and SharePoint, ultimately losing the ability to manage consistently, at scale, across their real estate. With our ERM SaaS solution, you can expect a fast deployment with a comprehensive and configurable Enterprise Workflow from day one.

We’re Enterprise Risk Experts

Our implementation and onboarding team is made up of talented individuals, all with years of risk management experience. This gives us that edge when it comes to analyzing your data, whether it be assets, internal audit data, risk reports or even enterprise workflows, we can ensure it will all be correctly replicated in AuditComply. In addition, when a customer has a request or a requirement, we try to better understand their goals first, seeking to provide them with the best solution in AuditComply. Being able to speak the same language as our customers not only gives us the advantage but really helps provide a seamless customer experience.

Jennifer Wiper, Quality Manager at Cooke Aquaculture, commented:

  The AuditComply ERM platform allows us to operate and conduct our audits from the most remote locations in the world. The online/offline capability in correlation with the non-conformance management system has allowed us to streamline our whole auditing process. Paper-based systems are now something of the past. It’s compliance management made easy.  

Communication is Key, Especially After Implementation.

Our customers are always incredibly surprised about how responsive our Customer Success team is. At AuditComply, there will be an almost instant response from one of our team members for any issue/requirement that’s been raised. We also have a new Knowledge base too; allowing us to help customers with a range of queries!

Customer attention and communication is a fundamental key to success for any company. We pay attention to all our customer’s requirements. At the end of the day, we aren’t just providing an off the shelf product, our platform is ingrained into the business process, strategy and in most cases, the future survival. We aren’t talking about fixing an issue but really trying to understand each customer’s goal. We want to be your partner in everything; as you grow, we grow. This has always been AuditComply’s approach to customer success.

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Johnny Elgin, Sysco, commented:  

AuditComply is playing a crucial role in changing the quality & compliance culture. A world-class system, a game-changer in our industry. We required a solution that was mobile, automated our data and could be accessed in real-time to ensure we are meeting quality standards across our supply chain.

Bottom line

AuditComply is the new generation of Enterprise Risk Management platforms, making Risk, Quality and Compliance more affordable and flexible whilst considerably improving and streamlining business processes worldwide. Next time you’re evaluating an Enterprise Risk Management solution for your organization, remember, you’re in good company, as numerous others are trusting AuditComply to deliver already. Whether it’s the protection, security, availability or performance of your data, we want to make our platform a hassle-free and secure option for any organization looking to thrive in a demanding industry.

Relieve the pain and pressure of traditional risk, compliance and quality management with AuditComply; realize your investment from day one.

To avail of a free trial or demo of the award-winning AuditComply solution, or to discuss a potential partnership, contact the team on

Want to find out more? Learn more from our growing list of customers!

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