Release 6.6 – NC History Tracking, Roll-Up Reports, New Grading Page + More

Richard Wilson February 23, 2021

[NEW] Non-Conformance & Task History Tracking

View previously raised Non-Conformances or Tasks for any requirement while conducting your assessment. History tracking will help save time and valuable resources by restricting duplication and providing insights to determine the level of severity instantly.  

[NEW] Multi-Template Roll-Up Report

Break free from the limitation of having to choose one or all templates when building your roll-up reports. Now you can freely pick and choose which templates you want to include.

[NEW] Attachment Name Preservation

Whether you’re attaching a file as part of your template build or you’re attaching evidence while conducting, the attachment will now hold its file name. Making the identification process effortless. 

[NEW] Grading Page Makeover

Your grading page has a completely new look and feel. This page has not only evolved to reflect our new template builder but to provide a seamless and faster user experience when configuring your template grades.

Other Improvements

All input field inputs now included in the “Search” on the audit list.

Performance improvements to the template builder.

Operative users can now download the PDF report of their audit from the “Notification” area.

NC reopened count is now configurable on the NC list.

Improvements to the Executive Report, including styling updates and updated report settings.

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