Release 7.1 πŸ”” – User Role Management, Executive Reports, CA Fields & More

Richard Wilson August 6, 2021

[NEW] User Role Management

Get ready to explore the next generation of User Role Management with Release 7.1. 

We’ve broken away from the chains of pre-defined roles, introducing a new way to manage your team. Whether you’re customizing pre-defined roles, adding or removing permissions, or building a new role from scratch, the choice is yours. Experience more freedom and total control by defining roles, access and permissions unique to their role. 

Creating A More Personalized Experience 

Everyone has varying levels of responsibility, we can’t expect you to rely on our pre-defined roles. 

What if a user only needs to view Non-Conformance analytics? Maybe they should only have permission to create templates or manage quality issues raised from the Dallas plant. Now you can be confident their view of the world aligns perfectly with their responsibilities. 

[NEW] Executive Reports Updates

New duplication capabilities will cut the time it takes to generate executive reports. Customize how information is received with the power to rearrange the order of assessments within the report.

[NEW] Corrective Action Customer Fields

Be confident your team is capturing as much information as possible by adding more custom fields to the CA capture process.

[NEW] Filter & Download Charts

We’ve made improvements to the way you export your data visualizations, allowing you to download filtered charts.

🐜 Bug Fixes:

Category chart will now download with all information

Bug with camera icon on IOS has been fixed

If you have any questions about Release 7.1 please visit our Help Center for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

Discover More

Evolving and releasing feature-packed and progressive updates remains at the core of AuditComply’s vision. If you’re interested in learning more about how AuditComply can be used in other areas of your business please get in touch. Whether you’re evolving your risk program or attempting to better manage your third-parties, we’d love to chat. 

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