Release 7.3 πŸ”” – Build Better Reports, Experience More Control & Greater Flexibility

Richard Wilson November 3, 2021

Enhance Your Report Writing With a More Flexible & Intuitive Executive Report Builder 

What Else Is New in Release 7.3?

[NEW] Lock Template Editing

Located in the template settings, manage who can build & edit your template. Providing admins with another layer of control & restricting users from altering organization-wide templates. 

[NEW] Configure User Visibility by Status

Restrict visibility of Non-Conformances & Tasks by status for each role. For example, limit Third-Party users from viewing ‘Draft’ Non-Conformances. 

[NEW] Manage Word Documents

Upload word documents directly into the document library to effectively organize, manage and share different types of information.

[NEW] Pause ‘In Review’ Alerts   

Option to limit Non-Conformance ‘In Review’ notifications until all Non-Conformances from that audit have been submitted into ‘In Review’. 

Other Improvements

NC & Task List on Android have been split into ‘To Do’ & ‘Active’

Bug fixes 🐞

If you have any questions about Release 7.3 please visit our Help Center for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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