Digitizing Meat Processing: Optimizing Raw Material Audits

Richard Wilson March 15, 2023

The success of any business in the Food & Beverage industry heavily relies on the quality of the products they serve. In order to consistently provide high-quality products, it is crucial for food organizations to work with reliable and reputable suppliers. These suppliers not only provide the necessary ingredients and materials, but they also play a critical role in ensuring that the products meet the required standards and regulations. 

A strong partnership between businesses and their suppliers can lead to increased efficiency, improved yield, greater profitability, cost savings, and ultimately, customer satisfaction. In an industry where taste, freshness, and safety are top priorities, having trustworthy suppliers is key to delivering a positive experience for customers and maintaining a competitive edge.

However, if a batch of raw materials is found to have defects, contaminated, expired or otherwise unsuitable for use, it is important to remove it from the process. By identifying and removing defective materials before they are used in the manufacturing process, businesses can avoid the risk of producing unsafe or  poor quality products; protecting their reputation while ensuring safety and satisfaction. 

It is estimated that poor quality supplies cost meat processors billions of dollars every year. This highlights the importance of effective Raw Material auditing and a robust claims system, allowing processors to recover costs associated with defective, non-conforming or expired raw materials. By recovering the costs, the company can control expenses and reduce waste. 

By digitizing this process with AuditComply, you can expect:

Significant cost savings: AuditComply allows you to calculate the total cost of the product loss, calculating your claim/rebate amount directly within the Raw Material assessment. Our Food & Beverage customers are saving millions every year with AuditComply’s Cost Recovery Process. 

Increased Yield and Overall Profitability: With accurate tracking of raw materials and production processes, businesses can minimize waste and optimize their production output. By using data-driven insights, businesses are able to identify inefficiencies in their production processes and take corrective actions to reduce waste, lower production costs, and overall increase profits.

Improved Data Capture & Evidence Collection: AuditComply’s template builder allows the customer to create any form or template to allow any field to be created. By enhancing data capture abilities, streamlining evidence collection and automating report generation, AuditComply has significantly improved the quality of products supplied. Sysco can promptly report issues and efficiently process and track credit requests, recouping costs faster. The AuditComply mobile application, available on iOS and Android, has enabled Sysco to capture information at the point of receipt and identify issues with photographic evidence. This has resulted in faster resolution times, better product quality, improved negotiating positions and improved yield.

Improved accuracy of data: Manual processes are prone to errors, which can result in incorrect data entry or lost paperwork. Digitizing the Raw Material Audit process can eliminate these errors and improve the accuracy of the data. 

Faster issue resolution: AuditComply can automate routine tasks and simplify complex processes, reducing the risk of human error and improving efficiency. Highlighting Non-Conformance workflows enables a more streamlined issue management process. Digitizing the process can unify the communication between the organization and the supplier, leading to faster resolution of any issues. This can result in faster replacement of faulty raw materials, reducing the downtime in the production process. 

Faster Supplier Communication: AuditComply can facilitate communication and collaboration between different departments and stakeholders, improving the accuracy and speed of decision-making. Each supplier has a dedicated supplier portal where users can manage communications, assessments, reporting and more. With the ability to combine data and report on a global scale.

Better Insights: Digital records can be easily searched, organized, and analyzed. This can provide actionable insights, making it easier to identify patterns or trends in faulty materials. By identifying the root causes of quality issues, the organization can take steps to prevent them from occurring in the future, reducing the cost of quality issues.

About AuditComply

AuditComply is a leading Food & Beverage GRC Management platform connecting all aspects of Risk, Food Safety, Compliance and Quality.

A platform designed by FSQA & Production Managers to meet the challenges of modern food organizations, from manufacturing to food processing and distribution. Whether it’s the ongoing labor shortage, requiring you to do more with less, the increasing risk of contamination in the supply chain, or the spiraling complexity of operations, AuditComply delivers a company-wide focus on safety, quality and compliance. Driving reassurance across the industry that your team is delivering the freshest, highest quality, sustainable food products.

To learn more about how AuditComply can help streamline your Raw Material Audit process, request a demo here.

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