Release 7.14 πŸ”” – Advanced Assessment Approval Settings, Category Management & More!

Richard Wilson March 21, 2023

What’s New in Release 7.14?

{NEW} Updates to Assessment Approval

We now have a per template setting to allow Non-Conformances to be created in β€œDraft” status, requiring them to be reviewed and published before being sent out to the assignee.

Advanced non-conformance setting options

This goes alongside updates to the Assessment Approval feature, meaning you can now stop Non-Conformances from being sent to the assignee until the assessment has been approved.  

You can now also withhold the report submission email from going out until assessment approval has taken place.

{NEW} Updates to the Category List

We have updated the way we add categories to a category list, making the process much easier, along with other improvements to the Category page.

The category page showing the category list

{NEW} Updates to our Date Picker

We have updated our Date Picker in a number of areas, allowing you to pick from a different year without having to click through the months. You’ll see this when conducting an assessment, scheduling an assessment, or when running a Per-Requirement or Per-Audit Report.

Date picker showing the filtering options

Updates to the Android app including improvements to the flow for submitting an assessment.

Further minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you have any questions about Release 7.14 please visit our Help Centre for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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