Release 7.21 🔔 – Additional Signature Fields, Guidance Notes, Detailed PDF Downloads & More

Aimee Lyttle April 3, 2024

What’s New in Release 7.21?

Enhance Assessments with Additional Signature Fields

You can now incorporate multiple signature fields into each requirement, enabling a comprehensive overview of all team members involved in signing off.

Provide Extra Assistance with Guidance Notes

You can now attach guidance notes to requirements to support users with supplementary information during assessments. This enables you to provide further context and insights, facilitating a more informed assessment process. 

Email Delivery Status Tracking

You can now view the status of all emails sent from the system and verify when they have been delivered. This feature ensures transparency and confirmation of successful email delivery.

More Capability – Reopen Closed Assessments

With the relevant permissions, you can reopen previously closed assessments, granting you the flexibility to revisit, make amendments, and gain greater control over assessment accuracy.

Download Detailed Non-Conformance List PDFs

You can now download a comprehensive PDF document of the NC list, with detailed NC data and any accompanying images that have been attached. This will ensure that all information is readily available for your reference and analysis, facilitating efficient tracking and resolution of all non-conformities.

Risk Updates

Additional Improvements

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