2022: A Year in Review

Updated Features from 2022

Creating a path towards a resilient 2023 and beyond

As 2022 comes to a close there is a lot to reflect on with the past year shedding a light on pivotal moments as we forge a path towards a more resilient future. 2022 was a year long-awaited by many, with the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us; the economy, business, and life all began to return to normal. However, the past year has been anything but ordinary. The unfortunate mix of war in Europe, inflation, energy scarcity and climate change was not what we were expecting. As a result, Risk, Compliance and Governance opportunities continued to dominate as customers looked towards emerging technology such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT and digital processes to ensure resilience in the face of uncertainty.


We helped you navigate the complex world of Risk & Compliance

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New Features

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Quality People, Quality Product

An extremely talented and skilled team who jump right into complex issues and work through completion in meeting every milestone for deliverables and time. AuditComply built an integrated blockchain auditor for our platform as well as a consumer-facing metadata auditing feature for the self-validation of digital assets. The auditing validates asset grading for blockchain tokens for physical objects, products, services and events and led to a patent being granted.”

– Jeremy Blackburn, CEO, Black Ink Tech Corp

A Massive Time Saver

“The system is very user friendly. Information is captured in real time and it is a massive time saver compared to paper based systems. The ability to tailor template settings, close out requirements and viewing access is extremely useful. We are confident when presenting reports to an auditor that issues are correctly closed out. The Customer Support team has a willingness to take on board suggestions to suit our needs.”

– Hazel Fleming, Micro Lab Supervisor, Lakeland Dairies

Using iPad on food production floor

Wonderful System With an Even Greater Team

“The best thing about AuditComply is the help and support you get, if I ever have any questions regarding the system I simply text or call. My account manager is always on the ball and gets me help and answers as needed even with a huge time zone difference. Also, I love that with AuditComply if you have an idea or recommendation for it to better serve you and your company they’ll listen and try their best to implement it in future updates. I’ve used AuditComply in two beef harvest and fabrication plant startups and would use it again on the next without a doubt.”

– Tyler J, Food Safety and Quality Assurance Technician, Missouri Prime Beef

26 New Features

User experience was the priority

We added 26 new features to the platform in 2022

We continued to evolve through 2022, introducing 26 new features to ensure our customers were fully equipped to handle any and every new challenge that arose. From improving issue management, to simplifying complicated risk assessments, we made it our mission to make the AuditComply experience as seamless as ever. Enabling our users to better plan, manage and collaborate as best possible for their organizations.

Supply Chain Management system

We helped ensure supply chain success

Supply chain disruption placed immense pressure on customers this year, from labor shortages to the conflict in Europe. We spoke with our customers old and new to gain insight on the problems they faced, helping navigate the SCM landscape together. Developed by supply chain leaders, our Supply Chain Management system encouraged deeper and more insightful supplier relationships. With a configurable self-service environment, our customers had the ability to manage supplier information, lifecycle, performance and risk all in one place.

We kept you informed with educational content & insights

Our webinars and resources have been plentiful this year, designed to keep our customers informed on all the changes happening in the world of Risk and Audit. Whether it’s the introduction of BRCGS Issue 9 or highlighting the importance of compliance automation in the construction industry alongside Costain Group and the HSE.  We focused on providing engaging and interactive sessions to educate and communicate and we can’t wait to increase our output in 2023. 

Our founders were named as Ones to Watch by LDC

LDC announced the annual Top 50 Most Ambitious Leaders for 2022, shedding light on many of the extraordinary entrepreneurs the UK has to offer. Supported by The Times, the programme celebrated the entrepreneurs that are growing the UK’s most successful firms, championing their resilience and commitment to making a bigger impact. AuditComply CEO, Kevin Donaghy and CCO, Susan Fitzsimmons were named as Ones to Watch in the LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme for 2022.

Food Safety events

We flew across the world to visit our customers

With travel restrictions a mere thing of the past, the AuditComply were able to jet off once again in 2022. Our CCO, Susan Fitzsimmons, was welcomed as a keynote speaker at the CQI Audit CIG Conference. In August, we set off to St John’s, Canada for the World Aquaculture Society 2022 Conference, delivering a presentation on the importance of Risk and Quality Management in the seafood industry. November took us back across the Atlantic, this time to Orlando Florida, for SQF Unites 2022.  After a few years stuck at home, this year’s events and customer visits were the highlights of 2022. 

Team building

Our team had a blast

We all had great fun this year both inside and outside of the office. A trip to Nutt’s Corner Circuit in November resulted in some extremely competitive go-karting for the AuditComply team. We got into the Halloween spirit with an office fancy dress party and costume competition. Not to mention a wonderful Christmas night out for some delicious food and a festive drink or two. 

From everyone at AuditComply, thank you.

With 2023 just around the corner, we want to take this moment to thank all our customers and partners for their continued support throughout the year. We look forward to working closely with you all in the new year, navigating new challenges together, and as always, continuing to innovate and evolve to provide a first-class GRC Management platform.