Asset Management

Track, monitor & manage the entire lifecycle of both physical & digital assets. Recognize vulnerabilities, prevent equipment failure & identify emerging risk.

Centralized Asset Repository

Map all internal & external assets into your environment. Report against any tangible or intangible resource.

Asset Information Hub

Custom profiles to store & track asset information - work orders, certification status, warranties, suppliers & more

Health & Compliance Status

Enhance working conditions, protect product quality, maintain compliance to ensure business continuity

Critical Risk Assessment

Identify potential failures, including causes and effects with pFMEA & dFMEA process analysis tools

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce repairs by detecting problems early turn unplanned downtime into scheduled downtime

Real-Time Status Analytics

Embrace real-time analytics of status to understand the performance, opportunities, and risks of your assets

Faster Time-to-Value

Connect product, data, and people with a consistent interface for dynamic scalability & extendibility to evolve

Lower TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, providing instant flexibility & access

Intelligent Asset Management

Track. Manage. Protect.

We know your business is unique and so are your assets. Everything that our customer’s report against is an asset within their AuditComply environment, mapping their entire organization onto the platform. An asset can be any tangible or intangible resource – whether it’s a particular region, department, process, vehicle or even a singular fire door for example. This intelligent approach enables users to get as granular as possible when analyzing data to improve productivity & reliability of operations. 


Lower Costs, Reduce Downtime & Increase Asset Utilization

Risk-based Asset Management

Track, monitor & manage the entire lifecycle of both physical and digital assets. Embrace real-time asset intelligence to recognize vulnerabilities, understand compliance status, prevent equipment failure, respond to emerging risk and understand the health of all organizational assets enterprise-wide. 

Zoomed out image of 4 pages stacked on top of each other containing graphs and reports as would be seen on AuditComply.
Risk & Compliance Status

Instantly analyze & view the Risk & Compliance status of any asset.

Built-in QR Code Scanner

Automate stock count, remove ambiguities & verify accurate data

Consolidate Asset History

Audit trails to provide enhanced accountability & forecasting

Enable Roles-Based Access

Enhance data security & simplify onboarding for every business area

Custom Asset Profiles

Capture, assign & store important information for each asset

Predictive Analytics

Measure & improve the performance with real-time status reports


A Cloud-Based Repository

Contextualize all asset-related information

  • Map all internal & external assets into AuditComply instantly
  • Create assets for any resource (Employee, Product, Site etc) at any level
  • Create & assign custom profiles to each unique asset
  • Use free text tagging to generate reports based on reporting requirement
  • Location Mapping provides a full overview of Assets

Risk & Compliance Status

A comprehensive look into your risk & compliance landscape

  • Monitor the risk status of individual assets across the enterprise
  • Set risk appetite, capacity & tolerance for each asset
  • Calculate risk scores based on different dimensions and impact categories
  • Identify potential failures, including causes and effects
  • Consolidate multiple asset-based risk registers into a Board Level register
  • Branded asset-based reports and real-time analytics with just one click

Asset-Based Risk Registers

Set risk appetite, capacity & tolerance at any level

Contextualize comprehensive asset-related data, encompassing intangible and tangible resources like employees, products, and sites. Effortlessly monitor individual asset risk statuses enterprise-wide, consolidating multiple registers into a board-level overview. Employ real-time analytics for proactive vulnerability identification, minimizing disruptions.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

A comprehensive look at your compliance landscape

  • Audit planning, scheduling & management
  • Audit template builder with full version control & tamper-proof audit trails
  • Full Non-Conformance, CAPA & Root Cause Analysis
  • Dedicated Mobile Application for offline data capture and evidence collection
  • Branded asset-based reports and real-time analytics with just one click

What can AuditComply do for you?

We don’t start with an asset tree — we start with a business challenge, then build a plan & associated processes to optimize the management of your operations.