2021: The Year of Risk

A review of some of AuditComply’s most notable activities

In 2021, COVID-19 continued to dominate our headlines, life-saving vaccines miraculously showed up, Brexit took effect, climate change became mainstream, mental health resilience was a major theme. We witnessed supply chains on the brink of collapse, key infrastructure hit by costly cyber attacks and Amazon fined $862m for violating personal data processing rules. We leaned further into automation, accelerated our investment in digital transformation and drove the evolution of Risk Management expeditiously forward in the hopes of empowering a new world.

This year, the world searched “How to Be Resilient” more times than any previous year. An accurate reflection of 2021 and a key theme at AuditComply. We were blown away by the amazing progress made by our team, customers, partners, families and wider community. It’s been a challenging, demanding and at times, an incredibly tedious year but what has never been clearer; tackling big problems today requires people to work in collaboration, with each other and with technology.

Helping Build Resilience in 2021

Increase in User Numbers

Increase in Assessments

Increased Usage Across GRC Functions

Record Number of Risk Registers Generated

Our Customer Service Remained Best-In-Class

There’s an Underrated Passion Around the Development of the Solution

“The team is responsive and quick to our needs. There’s an underrated passion around the development of the solution. I would dread to think what our operations would be like without implementing AuditComply. The service experience provided by AuditComply is second to none, we have nothing negative to say about it. The support team is always very engaged, accepting of ideas or any concerns we have. They are quick to respond and Sarai is always on the ball. We’re working to introduce AuditComply into other departments.”

– Natalie R, EHS Manager, McCloskey International

AuditComply Has Become an Integral Part of Our Restaurant Business

“AuditComply has become an integral part of our business. It ensures that audits (in our case, HSE HACCP checks) are completed on time, consistently, and alerts managers if an audit has not been completed on time. AuditComply gives staff the option to record a “non conformance” and to note the actions taken to remedy the situation. Everything is uploaded instantly, which means that management can get a clear view of what is happening at any moment. We use AuditComply for everything, from temperature checks to goods-in and closing checklists. It is easy to use and liked by staff, too. I would have no hesitation in recommending this software to any business owner.”

– Nathan B, Managing Director, The Lab

Wonderful System With an Even Greater Team

“The best thing about AuditComply is the help and support you get, if I ever have any questions regarding the system I simply text or call. My account manager is always on the ball and gets me help and answers as needed even with a huge time zone difference. Also, I love that with AuditComply if you have an idea or recommendation for it to better serve you and your company they’ll listen and try their best to implement it in future updates. I’ve used AuditComply in two beef harvest and fabrication plant startups and would use it again on the next without a doubt.”

– Tyler J, Food Safety and Quality Assurance Technician, Missouri Prime Beef

We Evolved With You

Adding 45 major features to the platform in 2021

We’ve been busy! Helping our customers navigate new, ever-changing environments, doing what we can to make the unpredictable, predictable. Throughout 2021, we continued to build and push new features for all our customers. From automating your data capture even further to making reports more relevant and meaningful. We’ve worked hard to ensure AuditComply meets the demands of every industry challenge, whatever stage of your journey. 

Customers Kick-Started Their ESG Journey

2021 was the year ESG became mainstream as we witnessed an increased urgency for customers to focus on their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues as a mission critical priority. We spoke with customers old and new to explore how we could help them navigate this new world. Using information gleaned from this to shape our research and development activities. In 2022, scrutiny over ‘greenwashing’ will ramp up, ESG-specific data will need to be embedded into processes, ESG requirements will only grow in procurement and supply chain. We’ve made it our mission to lift the ESG visibility barrier.

We Also Welcomed Some New Names

We Nailed The Work From Home

but it didn't beat an in-person meet-up

Like most teams, we had to settle into our home offices for 2022. Of course, with that came a host of fun activities to keep everyone engaged! From Zoom quizzes to virtual happy hours and online games. As restrictions lifted we even got the opportunity to meet in person which was always going to be an exciting moment. 

We Attended Our First In-Person Event in 24 months!

Amidst the chaos we even managed to attend our first event in person since 2019. What an experience it was to attend the NI Business and Innovation Showcase at the QEII Centre in London. The AuditComply team were extremely proud to be part of an exclusive group of businesses selected to represent the very best of Northern Ireland.

A Big Thank You

We will continue to work hand in hand with our customers as we navigate this unfamiliar environment, providing market-leading GRC solutions, expertise & insights under one roof. 2022 is expected to be the ‘Golden Age’ of Risk Management and we cannot wait!