Release 4.28.0

Richard Wilson May 17, 2017


Ad-Hoc Desktop Assessments

We’ve now added the very popular Ad-Hoc feature to our Desktop Audit. Admin Users and Auditors can now choose to start an Audit on-the-fly, conduct it and submit it without having to Schedule it!



-The default date for an Organisation can now be set as a date range.

-Automatic Rollup reports can now be set to report on a date range.

-Copying Requirements with Additional Questions from other Templates will no longer display them in reverse order.

-Templates can now be set to close automatically after a certain time period if no Non-Conformances or Alerts have been raised against it.

-The initial Grade set against an Audit will now be shown on the Completed Audit Report.

-The Grade of an Audit can now be overwritten when closing an Audit.

-Files with special characters in them can now be uploaded via the Document Library.

-The Requirement count in the Completed Audit Report should now be correct when filters are applied.

-Schedules can now filter Completed and Closed status’ separately.

-The Corrective and Preventative Actions lists can now be exported as a CSV file.

-Inspections on the Rollup Report should now properly filter based on their criteria.

-The Templates list can now be exported as a PDF or CSV file.

-Non-Conformance Rejection Comments are now displayed on the Completed Audit PDF.

-Last Updated date is now available in Completed Audit lists.

-Section numbers will now be shown against Section name in the Non-Conformance overview tables in the Completed Audit PDF.

Supplier Module

-Suppliers can now be assigned to an Audit when conducting a Desktop Audit.

-Supplier Contacts can now be Archived if they are not the default Contact.

-It is no longer possible to archive a Supplier that has a Schedule that is Pending or In Progress.



-Fixed a bug where HTML markup would appear when submitting an Assessment before un-focusing an input.

-The Non-Conformance list has been split out into “To Do” and “Active” tabs which represent items you can take action on and items you are waiting for action to be taken on respectively.

-Assessments can now be closed via the Historical Assessments area.

-Fixed a bug where the Status filters on the Non-Conformance list were not visible.

-Audits submitted offline will now indicate in the Schedule list that they are ready to be uploaded.

-Fixed an issue where Scores were displaying too close to each other when they broke on to a second row.

-Non-Conformance detail is now displayed in the Non-Conformance option in the Audit detail view.

Supplier Module

-A search feature is now available when selecting a Supplier before starting an Assessment

-You can now review the details of a Suppler before starting an Assessment, allowing you to edit or add Contacts or change the default contact.

-Ad-hoc Assessments can now have Suppliers assigned against them.

-The Supplier Contact is now visible inside the Audit Overview.

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