Release 4.29.0

Richard Wilson August 22, 2017


In Progress Audit Sync

Audits conducted on the App will now periodically save to the server. This will allow you to start an Audit on one of your iPad and finish it on your desktop. We will be expanding this feature to multiple devices in our next release.

Single Select dropdown options

We’ve extended the functionality of our template-wide dropdown option to individual requirements. This will allow you to further categorise your requirements as required. We will be expanding the reporting capabilities of this feature in coming releases.



-Sites and Departments that have active Schedules against them should no longer be able to be Archived.

-Conditions to hide Requirements on the Template Builder can now be edited.

-Single Select dropdown options will now show as an overview on Completed Audit Reports showing an overview of all selections made on the entire Audit.

-When uploading a file, the system will now remember the original name of the file.

-The Status of an Inspection should now be shown in its PDF report.

-Filters on lists will now remember what Filters have been applied until the Filter is cleared or the User logs off.

-Non-Conformances can now be Approved with a plain text Signature rather than requiring a signature to be uploaded.

-Filtering by Template Name will now return results based on all versions of that Template.

-Non-Conformance reminders should now be sent at more accurate times.

-Comments can now be added when Publishing a Template.

-Comments can now be added when Publishing a Scoring Scheme.

-All email reminder settings on the Template Builder now include a fortnightly option.

-The Schedule Calendar should now no longer be empty when it loads for the first time.

-The end date of a Recurring Schedule will now end on the day stated rather than the day before.

-Emails sent to Assignees of Non-Conformances will now only show Non-Conformance data that is relevant to the Assignee in question.

-It will no longer look like a Site / Department Admin is able to change their user role on their profile.

-A blank Scoring Overview will no longer show in a completely unscored Audit PDF Report.

-Inspection information will no longer show when filtering by Audit Templates on Rollup Reports.

-Late Audits will now display a red date again in Rollup Reports.

Supplier Module

-The default Supplier Contact is now shown on Completed Reports.

-On Non-Conformances in Rollup Reports, Assignee will now display as Contact.

-Non-Conformance reminder emails will now correctly show the Contact’s name.



-When submitting an Audit, the progress bar should give a better representation of the progress of the submission.

-Submitting an Audit that has Unscored Requirements will now show the correct submitted time.

-The App will now always notify users that a new version is available when there is one.

Supplier Module

-The add Supplier option will now indicate that it is unavailable when the App is offline.

-The Auditor and Supplier’s name will now be pre-populated on the sign off dialog when submitting an Audit.

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