Release 4.30.0

Richard Wilson November 30, 2017


Feature Revamp: Non-Conformances

We have completed a substantial revamp of our CAPA system and have renamed it to Non-Conformances.

-Multiple Non-Conformances can be raised per Requirement.

-A Non-Conformance contains a Corrective Action and the option to raise a Preventative Action.

-Information from the Requirement will automatically be provided inside the Non-Conformance, including any Evidence provided (Images etc.).

-Non-Conformances raised in error can be Archived.

-Non-Conformances have a built-in workflow which removes the need to manually change the status of any Non-Conformances raised.

-The owner of a Non-Conformance can now be changed (i.e. the user who raised the Non-conformance).

-Non-Conformances can be Re-opened.

-Non-Conformances Overdue is now a state that is separate from Status’.

-The default Assignee of a Non-Conformance will now be the User who is raising it.

Feature Improvement: Assessment Status’

We have extended the range of status’ that Assessments can have to give a clearer indication of the current progress of the Assessment.

-Assessments submitted without Non-Conformances will be marked as “Ready to Close”.

-Assessments submitted with Non-Conformances will be marked as “In Review”.

-“Closed” Remains as the final state that an Assessment can be in.

We’ve also added the option to automatically move a Ready to Close Assessment to a Closed status after a set period of time.



-Images displayed on the Complete Audit Report and Non-Conformances will now display the entire image rather than a portion of it.

-Total count and page numbers will be correct and behave as intended on the Library page.

-Added additional support for foreign language characters.

-The Sites and Departments reporting table can now be downloaded as a CSV.

-Audit Template name and Audit Template Version are now split into two different columns when exporting a CSV of a Completed Audit.

-Fixed an issue that would cause deleted Recurring Schedules to re-appear.

-Section numbers will now properly update when rearranging them while creating a Template.

-Users can now discard a draft version of a template that has a previously published version.

-The Non-Conformance Category tag bar chart is now filterable on its own by day, week, month or year.

-The Audit Overview now includes information on the date the Audit was Scheduled.

-The Audit Summary Report has been re-thought to provide more useful information about the outcome of the Audit.

-When selecting scores while configuring Business Rules Grading, Scores will be arranged and titled by their Parent Scoring Scheme.

-Adding an image to a Requirement on a Completed Audit Report will no longer appear to remove images previously attached to the Requirement.

-Completed Audit Reports will now display Requirement numbers correctly if the Completed Report has had Requirements filtered while conducting the Audit.

-All Email messages from the AuditComply system will now be from

-When starting an Assessment, the choose Department dropdown will now indicate that if no Departments are selected the Assessment will be conducted against the entire Site.

-Schedule Reminders should no longer be sent out if an Assessment is completed before its due date.

-Users which are Archived will now indicate that they are Archived when they are displayed on the system.

-The Recurring schedule can now be edited with the exception of the time it is Scheduled for.

-Users can now choose to assign all Departments to a newly created Site with one button.

-Audits can now be set to be able to be moved to a Closed status if they fall under a certain grade even if they have had Non-Conformances raised.

-Scores can now be set to trigger a Non-Conformance that is mandatory to complete.

Supplier Module

-References to Sites and Departments will no longer appear on reporting tables for Supplier Organisations.



-Users will now be able to remove a date that has been set as an inspection value.

-The App will now be able to open files other than images and PDFs.

-Non-Conformances can now be filtered by Template.

-The Audit Overview now includes information on the date the Audit was Scheduled.

Supplier Module

-When adding a new Supplier via the app, you will no longer be prompted to enter the Contact Email (third input field) first.

-Non-Conformances can now be filtered by Supplier.

-Fixed an issue where a Supplier Contact’s surname would not show up if they did not have a first name.

-Users can no longer edit the Supplier Default Contact when they are offline.

-Notes on Inspections will now be more spaced and readable when viewed.

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