Release 4.33.0

Richard Wilson August 8, 2018

Feature Updates

Per Requirement reporting

It is now possible to download an aggregate report for every requirement recorded against a version of a template. Currently it is possible to export information on Scores, Observations and Non-Conformances.

System Performance Improvements

We have improved our background tasks to speed up syncing, starting and submitting of Templates and Audits. We have also made other performance enhancements which will allow us to monitor and identify any potential issues easier.

Other Improvements

-The Non-Conformance league table located on the Non-Conformance Analytics page has been extended to a bar chart showing completed and outstanding Non-Conformances.

-A Template can now be set to send out report emails based on Grade. Users can also select which users receive these emails.

-Auditors can now send a preview of a Template via email.

-Non-Conformance Assignee and Assigned by fields now contain a search bar to quickly find users.

-Automatic Roll-up Reports can now be set to report on a specific Template.

-It should now be clearer that the Assignee field can be edited on Non-Conformances.

-Emails containing multiple Non-Conformances will now provide links to each individual Non-Conformance.

-Archived Sites and Departments will now be indicated on Roll-up Reports.

-Dates should now follow the same format as the rest of the product on CSV reports (DD/Month/YY).

-Non-Conformance Approval and Rejection messages will now show on the Completed Audit CSV.

-Options for 14 and 28 days have been added to the default due date options for Non-Conformances.

-Suppliers will be notified of a successful Audit if an Auditor has submitted an Audit with no Non-Conformances.

-Server errors 400, 403 and 500 now have styled pages to inform the user of errors.

-A Site with No Departments will no longer prompt a User to choose a Department when creating an Ad-Hoc Audit or Inspection.

-The Custom Option dropdown should no longer appear in front of the Non-Conformance dialogue.

-The Auditor column on the Alerts CSV will now only show the name of the Auditor rather than name and email.

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