Release 4.34.0

Richard Wilson September 30, 2018

Feature Updates

Home Dashboard

Our home Dashboard has been revamped, providing more information on the important statistics you wish to see:

-We have completely enhanced our Non-Conformance reporting, providing a much more detailed analysis of the overall performance and compliance of your company.

-There is now more detail on time performance

-We have also reintroduced filtering into our home dashboard

-We have removed the Schedule reporting and combine positions of it to the Assessment reporting.

Non-Conformance Categories 

Non-Conformance Tags have been updated and rebranded to โ€œCategoriesโ€. The categories area is located via Templates tab -> Categories on the web portal. All previous Non-Conformance Tags will be available and you will also have the option to Add, Edit, Delete or Merge them. You can also set the colour, which will appear on the reporting charts and graphs. Categories can only be set by System Administrators in the categories area.

Other Improvements

-You can now have Scoring Schemes up to 100 characters, increased from 16 characters.

-We have updated our template builder to allow users to make Scores, Observations and Non-Conformances mandatory on a per-requirement basis.

-Users can now switch of Scoring, Observations and Non-Conformances on a per-requirement basis.

-We have updated our password requirements to ensure better security. Our passwords now require 8 characters with lower and uppercase letters and at least one number

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