Introducing Release 4.36.0

Richard Wilson January 17, 2019

New year, new release! This release has lots of user-requested features including severity based Non-Conformance due dates,  Numerical Keyboard for faster input and the ability to add URL links to your internal documents. AuditComply have focused this release on providing you with a faster, more responsive platform to boost productivity and your overall business performance!

New Features

Numeric Input

Additional input fields can now be set as numerical input fields.  This means that when conducting the audit on the iPad, the numerical keyboard will automatically appear, making data entry faster and preventing users from entering invalid data.

Non-Conformance Due Date

Prioritization is key! Set a default Non-Conformance due date based on severity.  This ensures urgent issues are dealt with within required time frames and meeting compliance requirements.

Archived Users

When archiving a user, you can now reassign their schedules and/or Non-Conformances to another user. This ensures that no tasks are left undone and no issues slip through the cracks.

Feature Updates 

-You can now customize Non-Conformance emails.

-You can now filter by requirement tags on the completed audit report.

-Add URL links to your internally stored documents on an audit template, allowing users to access documents while conducting without uploading to your AuditComply library.

-Individually enable or disable the scoring breakdown and scoring summary on a per-template basis.

-Improvements made for rearranging requirements within the template builder.

-Archive Non-Conformances raised in error, from within the completed audit report.


-Bug with archiving departments has been fixed.

-Disable sign off comments on a template with two signatures.

-A bug that stopped users from archiving particular templates is now fixed.

-Improvements have been made for updating requirement elements.

-Close date for Non-Conformances raised and closed during inspections will now appear on the roll-up report.

-A bug that stopped the recommendation button from highlighting when you add a recommendation on the desktop has now been fixed.

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