AuditComply Release 5.8: Enhanced Asset Mapping, Status Reporting + More

Richard Wilson August 24, 2020

In a time where Risk and Audit management are being prioritized, AuditComply is here to ensure users have all the insights and information they need to effectively manage their changing risk and opportunity landscape. Helping predict the unpredictable.

We’re very excited to announce Release 5.8! πŸŽ‰ On top of the many improvements to the platform, AuditComply has made great strides towards enhancing the availability and visibility of real-time asset data with dedicated analytics and reporting capabilities.

Unleashing The Power of Your Data ⚑

You will now notice each asset has individual reporting tabs, allowing you to view assessment status, non-conformances, tasks and schedules in just one click. Enabling the quick and easy identification of emerging risk, asset vulnerabilities and overall program status.

New Asset Analytics 

Identify vulnerabilities, manage performance and minimize disruption with our new asset analytics tabs. Quickly view the latest assessments, schedules or issues associated with your assets.

Location Mapping

Gain real-time visibility of your assets with new location mapping. Our newest feature offers the ability to simply view information of every asset at any location, providing a full overview of all your assets in real-time.

Enhanced Asset Profiles

You can now switch to a new profile on an already existing asset, providing more flexibility when creating and storing information against each asset. With the ability to access all asset information in one central database you can take back control of all your auditable entities, helping simplify and streamline the asset management process.

What do I expect to see in Release 5.8?

Bug Fixes

Fix to NC/Task Chart where labels were being cut off.

Styling fix for dropdown when setting up a scoring scheme.

Styling fix for scores overflowing when setting rules for rules-based grading.


Improvements to using the portal on a mobile web browser.

New modal to improve setting up the show/hide structure on a template.

If you have any questions about AuditComply Release 5.8 please visit our Help Center for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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