Release 6.4 – Discover & Share Insights Faster

Richard Wilson December 20, 2020

AuditComply is here to spread some much needed Christmas cheer. Rather than indulging our inner Scrooge (which, trust us, is easy to do), we hope we can get you as excited as us for Release 6.4. Sprinkling a little more joy and making your lives easier with enhanced collaboration tools and more tailored reporting.  

If You Can’t Find the Report You Need, Create it Yourself with Custom Rollup Reports

Rollup reports can now be tailored to your reporting requirements, simply select the metrics you want to report against. When they’re ready, you can download or share what you’ve built with your team, scheduling daily, weekly or monthly recurring reports if necessary. To create, view or manage reports, simply visit your navigation bar where you will find Rollup Reports

Extending the Impact of Your Insights

Better Scheduling Visibility

You can now schedule multiple templates at the same time for multiple users. Including the ability to send a notification of scheduled assessments to additional stakeholders for full visibility. 


Executive Report Templates

AuditComply has introduced a file and folder structure where you can build, manage and share templates for Executive Reports. You also have the option to hide elements of the audit report within the executive report, giving you more control over who has access to the information. 

Improved NC Workflow (Mobile)

Previously, when users assigned a Non-Conformance or Task to themselves, they had to go through the workflow of submitting the NC/Task for Review, and then going back to close it off. 

AuditComply has introduced a new workflow that allows you to “Complete and Close” the NC / Task without the additional workflow, streamlining the entire process.

Expanded Audit Trail
We have expanded our Audit Trail capabilities, allowing you to instantly view changes to any requirements from within the template. Including the ability to download audit reports with the option to include change history.

Portal Notifications

AuditComply has implemented a new notification hub within the portal that will notify users of activity. Generating alerts for submitted audits, feature releases, maintenance and more.

Question about this Release?

Please visit our Help Center for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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