Release 6.7 🔔 – Non-Conformances, Time Tracking, Executive Reports + More

Richard Wilson April 9, 2021

[NEW] Populate Your Non-Conformances With More Information

Release 6.7 aims to provide your team with even greater visibility, ensuring information is readily available at their fingertips any time, anywhere. Amongst a list of new features and improvements, you’ll be excited to hear we’ve also included the ability to pull captured requirement information into your Non-Conformance window.

Whether it’s a Score, Tag, Observation or Input Field, simply configure this option within the template settings to ensure everyone is prepared to handle any issues or incidents raised. 

[NEW] Be Confident Root Causes Are Captured & Evidenced

Choose to make your Root Cause fields mandatory, forcing users to record any important information before submitting the Non-Conformance for review. 

[NEW] Manage Preventative Actions Your Way

The preventative action field can now be disabled or made mandatory, allowing you to determine the right approach and eliminate any potential non-conformities. 

[NEW] Hassle Free Time Tracking

A ‘Time Taken’ column has been added to the Auditor Statistics page, which will tally the amount of time the assessor has spent conducting. We have also added a number of filters to the page.  This gives you the ability to filter down and see, for example, how much time has been dedicated to a particular asset. 

Executive Report Improvements

A list of new and exciting Executive Report capabilities have also been included in this release:

Bug Fixes 🐜 :

If you have any questions about Release 6.7 please visit our Help Center for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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