Ireland’s Largest Broccoli Producer Selects AuditComply to Replace Quality Management System

Richard Wilson May 6, 2021

Brophy Produce specialises in the growing, packing, and distribution of broccoli and cabbage products, supplying all the leading retailers with their seasonal needs. From a five-acre mixed vegetable operation in 1983, the customer has grown to become the largest broccoli producer in Ireland, growing 12 million broccoli plants each season. The team is located near Naas, County Kildare, where they are focused on using the latest technology to increase efficiency, cut costs and improve quality, reinforced by their mantra, ‘Quality is a fashion that never goes out of date’.

Before implementing AuditComply, the Quality team relied on manual processes such as pen/paper, word and spreadsheets to assess, manage, collaborate and report on Food Safety and Quality operations. These processes were developed by an in-house team, allowing the broccoli producer to consistently exceed customer quality expectations, achieve high quality grades (BRC accreditation) and become a ‘Sustainable Quality Assured Member’ of the Irish Food Board. However, as operations continued to grow and customer demands increased, these processes could no longer scale. Ewa Zmuda, the Quality Manager at Brophy Produce, responsible for all Food Safety and Quality operations, quickly recognized the importance of automating and digitizing their QMS (Quality Management System). There was a strong demand for a solution to provide real-time visibility and transparency into Food Safety, Quality and Compliance programs across the organization while ensuring audit readiness and better collaboration on non-conformances. 

After a brief evaluation stage, Paul Brophy decided AuditComply, a cloud-based SaaS platform was best suited to replace their current QMS. Ewa saw the opportunity to decrease their COQ (Cost of Quality) by centralizing all communications and automating the evidence capture, review, approval & alert process. Furthermore, enabling the standardization of organization-wide assessment, identification, follow-up, and reporting. Due to AuditComply’s experience in Food & Beverage and the agility of the platform, the customer success team was in a good position to work closely with the customer to replace their QMS at speed. Implementation took less than a week where the team worked closely with Ewa to configure their environment, customize workflows, onboard users, build audit templates, optimize reporting requirements and implement industry best practices for efficient quality processes.  

As Brophy Produce begins to introduce AuditComply into other areas of the organization they can avail of AuditComply’s additional features such as EHS (Environmental, Healthy & Safety), ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), Risk Management and Supplier Management; ensuring an integrated approach to all their GRC, Food Safety and Quality operations. With greater efficiencies now realized, Paul Brophy and his team can sleep better at night knowing they are providing their customers with the highest quality produce available on the shelves today. 

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About Brophy Produce

Brophy Produce is the largest broccoli producer in Ireland. The company specialises in the growing, packing and distribution of broccoli and cabbage. The majority of the crops are grown in the lighter fertile soils of South Kildare. They are driven by the desire to produce quality produce using sustainable methods. 

About AuditComply

AuditComply is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform, revolutionizing the way enterprises assess, track, action and report on risk, compliance and quality processes in real time. Defining the next generation of GRC, AuditComply empowers enterprises to Mitigate Risk, Drive Compliance and Improve Quality within the industry’s most innovative and user-friendly assessment platform.

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