Release 7.4 πŸ”” – Build Workflows to Mimic Your Decision Process

Richard Wilson December 9, 2021

[NEW] Update Score When Closing a Non-Conformance / Task

Located within the Audit Template settings, AuditComply users can now change the captured score on a requirement, when closing off a Non-Conformance or Task. Beneficial for those users who require actions to be managed and closed before the assessment is graded as compliant.

[NEW] Choose The Approver When Submitting The Assessment

In addition to our Audit Approval feature, AuditComply has added a predefined list of potential approves to choose from when submitting the Audit. This improvement on Audit Approval will allow the user to select and choose their line manager (or whoever the relevant person should be), sending the notification will only go to the relevant people.

Other Improvements

Bug fixes πŸž

If you have any questions about Release 7.4 please visit our Help Centre for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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