Release 7.6 πŸ”” – Accelerate Resolution Times & Elevate Your Issue Management With Upgraded Workflows

Richard Wilson February 22, 2022

What’s New in Release 7.6?

Based on valuable customer feedback, we’ve made some major improvements to make the issue management experience faster, easier & more effective.

[NEW] Draft Non-Conformances

Place a NC in Draft status, requiring approval before it’s published or actioned. Choose to notify the assignee when the NC is in Draft, or when it’s published, the choice is yours.

[NEW] Manage Issues Before Assessment Submission

Notify the assignee of a NC before the assessment has been submitted, accelerating issue resolution times. 

[NEW] Non-Conformance Approval

Similar to our assessment approval levels, you can now configure multiple levels of approval for a NC or Task, allowing you to dictate the approver for each level.

[NEW] Additional NC & CA Fields

Configure additional fields for both NCs and Corrective Actions enterprise-wide, with the ability to make mandatory as required.

Other Improvements

Shows a “Days Remaining” countdown beside the NC due date on the NC list.

Enable CAPA attachment description field and make mandatory in necessary.

Show a NC reopened count on the NC list.

Choose to update a NC due date automatically when the status is updated, for example, once the NC has been put into Review, the due date can automatically extend.

Customize your notification settings, selecting which users should be notified of a reopened NC.

When using Bulk Close on Draft / Open NCs, the closing comment can be selected from a dropdown list.

If you have any questions about Release 7.6 please visit our Help Centre for FAQs or get in contact with the AuditComply Support team directly at

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