Release 7.10 πŸ”” – Bulk Edits, Improved User Management, Greater CAPA, and more!

Richard Wilson October 7, 2022

What’s New in Release 7.10?

[NEW] Bulk Update Due Dates

Select multiple Non-Conformances and update due dates at mass, saving you time & effort when managing Non-Conformances. 

Bulk Updating Non-Conformance Due Dates on AuditComply GRC platform

[NEW] ‘Add User’ Profile Access

Customize access when adding a user or contact, instilling confidence your users have the correct access to the right information when joining their environment.

Updating User Profile Access
Easily giving new users access
πŸ” Easily give new users access to the right areas.

[NEW] Close Assessment With Open Tasks

Configure assessments to allow audit closure with open tasks, helping streamline the closure of your audits despite on-going action management.

Viewing assessment report

[NEW] Share Tasks Via Email

Similar to Non-Conformances, you can now share tasks via email with any internal or external stakeholder from the completed assessment report. 

[NEW] Non-Conformance, Task & CAPA Reporting

Non-Conformance & Task reports now show ‘Reporting Auditor’ and Corrective action & Preventative Actions have been added to Non-Conformance CSVs exports. 

Tracking Non-Conformances, Scheduling Tasks and CAPA Reporting

Additional Improvements

-Bug updating the assignee on an In-Progress NC has been resolved.

-Executive Report orientation setting from the template when the template was created through the assessment list has been fixed. 

-Improvement to the keyboard on iOS makes it easier to enter negative numbers.

-The issue with the reminder count on the scheduler has been resolved.

-Bug fixes🐞

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