Release 7.18 πŸ”” – Simplified Navigation, Improved Mobile, Deeper Insights & Better Risk Management

Richard Wilson November 1, 2023

What’s New in Release 7.18?

1. Enhanced Auditor Experience with Mobile Schedule List Updates
In a move to improve user navigation and assessment management, dividers have been introduced in the Mobile Schedule List that categorizes schedules by day, week, or month. These updates apply to both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Simplified Navigation with Alphabetical Template Filters
Templates are now more user-friendly and easier to navigate as they appear in alphabetical order. This update ensures that users can effortlessly locate the templates they want to filter by, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. A small but significant enhancement that enhances user-friendliness and navigation.

3. In-Depth Insights with Assessment Grades in Roll Up Reports
Roll Up Reports have been refined to include Assessment Grades, offering more detailed and comprehensive insight. This feature enhancement aims to provide users with a more profound understanding and analysis of the assessments.

4. Efficient User Management with Enhanced Task Archive Features
Tasks, alongside Schedules and Non-Conformances, can now be efficiently managed during the user archiving process. This optimization ensures that administrative processes are more streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly.

5. Improved Clarity with Asset Names in Contact View
This update introduces the asset names in the Contact view, improving clarity and specificity. Contacts used across multiple assets can now easily distinguish which asset a particular Non-Conformance or Task refers to, enhancing accuracy and communication within the platform.

6. Flexible Viewing with Android Orientation Updates
Android users can now experience enhanced flexibility and usability with the app’s new ability to operate in both Portrait and Landscape modes. This update offers users more convenience and adaptability in how they view and interact with the application.

7. Enhanced Assessment Execution on Desktop
The desktop assessment experience has been improved with a highlighted “Add Attachment” button for mandatory attachments that may have been missed. This enhancement ensures that essential elements of an assessment are not overlooked, facilitating a smoother and more complete assessment execution process.

8. Improved Risk Identification and Scoring
Enhancements have been made for richer risk descriptions, detailed tagging, and an updated scoring scheme. Risks now include names and descriptions for clearer identification, along with Inherent & Residual tags for a more comprehensive scoring and assessment. The scoring scheme is also optimized, defaulting to a 5×5 matrix for a more coherent evaluation process.

9. Streamlined User Experience and Navigation in Risk Hub
Directories are now alphabetically ordered, and terminologies have been simplified for a more user-friendly experience. The addition of a Scoring Matrix Column in the Active RA List and a Risk Assessment tab in the Control Library drawer further centralizes essential information, improving accessibility and making the navigation process more intuitive.

10. Enhanced Consistency and Reporting in Risk Assessments
A more unified approach has been implemented in risk assessments. Inherent scores updates are now synchronized across all platforms, and scores are displayed more consistently across Active, Closed, and Historical RA’s. Additionally, Inherent/Residual scores are now incorporated into PDFs and CSVs, providing a more complete picture in risk assessment reports.

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