Nomadic Selects AuditComply QMS to Guarantee Quality in Every Product Delivered

Richard Wilson November 22, 2023

AuditComply, the leading Quality Management Platform, is proud to announce Nomadic as its latest customer in a strategic move to bolster the food manufacturer’s commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. As a revered name in the food industry, Nomadic has been synonymous with fresh and innovative convenience food products. Its collaboration with AuditComply marks a significant step towards integrating advanced quality management practices across its operations. 

Nomadic is a fast-growing innovative food brand that makes nourishing, convenient food for people who need to get the job done. Based in Co. Donegal, Nomadic distributes its products to the biggest and best grocers, convenience stores, and food outlets across the UK, Ireland, and various international markets. Nomadic is now leveraging AuditComply’s extensive Quality Management System (QMS) to enhance its operational excellence company-wide. 

Susan Fitzsimmons, Chief Customer Officer at AuditComply, remarked, “We’re thrilled to welcome Nomadic into the AuditComply family. Our platform is designed to meet the comprehensive needs of the food and beverage industry, ensuring that companies like Nomadic not only remain compliant but also excel in their quality management processes. It’s about turning challenges into opportunities for growth and efficiency.”

The alliance with AuditComply fortifies Nomadic’s ability to manage and refine key processes. AuditComply is simplifying workflows and elevating standards in Health & Safety, Hygiene, and Preventive Control measures –crucial elements for adhering to regulations and ensuring food safety. It enhances the integrity of products by employing smart Glass and Fabrication audits, thus minimizing the chances of contamination. It accelerates New Product Development (NPD), enabling the team to bring innovative products to market faster while maintaining the highest quality standards. Label Verification accuracy and structured Maintenance operations improve efficiency and trust. Quality control is strengthened and extensive analytics from Internal Audits drive continuous improvement.

Integral to this enhancement is the implementation of process control checks and quality control checks, which have enabled Nomadic to transition to a paperless environment in one plant. This significant step towards sustainability and efficiency is just the beginning. They aim to extend this paperless initiative to site-wide operations by 2024, with AuditComply playing a pivotal role in this.

This partnership embeds a commitment to excellence across all aspects of Nomadic operations, ensuring quality is monitored at every stage, from production to delivery, safeguarding the brand’s reputation and customer trust. 

Nomadic’s adoption of AuditComply’s Quality Management System signifies a forward-thinking approach to compliance and operational excellence. It reflects a shared vision of quality and innovation, promising a future where the finest dairy products are produced in the safest and most efficient manner possible. 

As the partnership between Nomadic and AuditComply flourishes, it sets a new industry benchmark for how quality management systems can revolutionize operations, ensuring that quality is not just a metric but a promise delivered with every product.

About Nomadic 

Nomadic, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, specializes in making nourishing convenience food for people who are constantly on their feet and on the move. They cater to those who need real, convenient food to get the job done. The brand provides a variety of product solutions designed to meet the convenience needs of consumers. Nomadic’s offerings are great tasting products, engineered to go.

About AuditComply 

AuditComply is a leading Quality Management platform that empowers manufacturers to achieve operational excellence. By transforming how manufacturers operate, our platform focuses on reducing rework, driving higher quality, and increasing throughput. Seamlessly integrating people, processes, and data, AuditComply provides the tools and insights needed to streamline operations, improve supply chain management, mitigate risk and ensure frontline workers are supported. 

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