Remodelling the Construction Industry- The Future is Digital!

Richard Wilson January 9, 2019

Since the late 1980’s, digital technologies have fundamentally changed the ways in which organizations operate. When it comes to innovation, automation and digitization, it’s clear that the construction industry has got off to a slow start. An industry where paper-based systems are still very much the norm mean that the ability to manage day to day actions simply isn’t there. Supply chain management is still unsophisticated and visibility of field issues to office based staff is tenuous at best.

A glance at other industries like the automotive industry shows the extent to which digitization is turning traditional practices on their head. From multinational enterprises to small organizations, digitization has been the mantra of the new age for quality management systems. Fundamentally, digitization delivers for organizations with reduced costs, streamlined workflows while increasing your chances of being ‘right first time’.

The construction industry is yet to fully embrace the emerging digital technologies due to the large upfront investments associated with some on premise IT systems, even though the long term benefits more than justify the costs. In 2016, R&D spending in construction fell behind other industries- less than 1% of revenues in comparison to 3.5% and 4% in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Projects are getting bigger and more complex. The increasing demand for environmentally sensitive construction to be completed in shorter time frames means traditional construction practices must change – it’s time to embrace digitization helping to reduce risk,  improve issue management and lead to a safer more sustainable industry.

Digitization – Slashes administration

In many organizations when a problem arises it would be resolved by assigning it to someone by giving them a piece of paper with the relevant information. Once the job is completed, the assignee has to update the paperwork to get it signed off. This would then be sent to administration for the information to be transferred onto an ERP system. Paper-based processes like this are tedious, cumbersome and lack real-time visibility of non-conformance management.

AuditComply’s Risk and Performance platform turns this process on its head. The software is available on any hardware and has online/offline functionality.  You touch the data once and the results are instantly available. Employees can approve/ sign off work directly with a digital signature and photographic evidence where everything is time and date stamped. In an increasingly fluid business environment where employees are more likely to be working remotely, it provides you with 360 degree visibility in real-time.

The system offers you a secure repository of your data which is stored in the cloud. This allows you to retrieve precious documents in a click. Cloud based technologies like AuditComply bring flexibility and a greater overview to move beyond the limitations of traditional compliance, health, safety and process management methods.

Digitization – Automation

Digitization has the potential to drastically enhance productivity.  If organizations embrace change they can close the digital gap and pull ahead productivity-wise compared to their competitors.

AuditComply offers automatic report generation simplifying your workload and allowing you to focus on the important issues within your business by significantly reducing time spent writing reports. The software platform allows you to schedule and assign tasks to different employees. Set completion deadlines and it will send automatic overdue email and text reminders which are also sent out for CAPA assignments. AuditComply ensures that any issue, large or small does not slip through the cracks.

The Future- Digital by Default

AuditComply’s Risk and Performance platform increases productivity through efficient data collection, instantaneous reporting, issue tracking and data analytics. It allows organizations to stay ahead of the game when it comes to compliance, quality, safety and risk. A SaaS platform which is utilized by multiple high profile organizations across various industries and has become the first line of defense around any operational uncertainty.
Increased efficiency, reduced costs and tighter schedules have long been a challenging target for the construction industry. Embracing technology on site brings the construction industry in line with more advanced industries and can significantly improve the way we build the world around us.

AuditComply is a Risk & Performance Platform. We focus on solutions that provide visibility and control from one centralized system. Empowering organizations to implement robust complex assessment methodologies through their desktop and mobile application. Providing a clear, accurate understanding of risks across the organization and thus an understanding of an organization’s risk profile. Using this data, to Mitigate Risk, Drive Compliance, Improve Quality & Power Performance.

With the AuditComply Risk & Performance Management (RPM) platform, your investment and value are realized from day one. To avail of a free trial of the AuditComply platform, or to discuss a potential partnership, contact the team at

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