One of the Largest Seafood Producers Selects Auditcomply to Maximize Value of Audit Management

Richard Wilson May 13, 2021

On May 29th 2020, it was announced that two seafood giants, Ocean Beauty and Icicle Seafoods were merging to form a new company, OBI Seafoods. A merger that transformed both companies into one of the largest seafood producers in Alaska; propelling the company into a significant growth phase across the global seafood industry. One of the key drivers behind the merger was to enhance and modernize operations and processing facilities. Implementing best practices and innovative solutions to grow the value of Alaskan seafood resources in a way that benefits their customers, employees and fisherman partners.  

About Us | Ocean Beauty, Setting the Standard for Quality Since 1910
(Ocean Beauty Seafoods, 2021)

Like many seafood companies, OBI Seafoods were managing their Audit, Regulatory Compliance and Quality programs in a manual environment, relying on spreadsheets, word documents and phone calls to achieve objectives and address uncertainties; processes which empowered the team to consistently achieve AA grades and exceed quality standards across all their plants. However, it became apparent, as operations expanded (from five plants to ten), manual systems could no longer scale with growth. 

To continue managing regulatory compliance requirements and maintaining high quality standards (e.g. BRC) effectively, digitization and automation of audit processes became a priority for the internal audit team. OBI Seafoods quickly recognized the need to introduce new and agile audit technology, a platform that could be implemented at speed, scale with growth YoY and provide real-time visibility into Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Compliance operations across the organization. 

After the evaluation process which included the review of multiple vendors, OBI Seafoods decided AuditComply was best suited to meet their requirements. There was a strong demand for a solution that would maximize the value of their audit management lifecycle, end-to-end. Simplifying and automating audit tasks from both the planning and creation of assessments to streamlining the identification of Non-Conformances as part of a configurable issue management system. With offline mobile functionality and automated communications, the OBI Seafood team will also increase frontline engagement rapidly and avoid unforeseen disruptions to operations in real-time across all locations. A key component of the platform is the asset management structure, enabling OBI Seafoods to quickly map their operations into a bespoke environment. With the ability to summarize key Compliance and Quality data and quickly identify trends with executive dashboards, intelligent analytics and configurable reporting. As OBI Seafoods continues to mature their FSQA function they will also have access to AuditComply’s Risk Management module, ensuring a holistic approach to Risk, Compliance and Quality management. 

OBI Seafood is now positioned to gain greater efficiencies YoY. Saving time, cost and increasing coverage of their entire audit function while guaranteeing the highest quality products for their customers. 

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About OBI Seafoods

OBI Seafoods was created in 2020 through a merger of the Alaska salmon and Gulf of Alaska groundfish operations of two of Alaska’s oldest and most experienced seafood producers, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods. They draw on over one hundred years of experience with an up-to-date knowledge of today’s global market, and connect their customers to their trusted harvesting partners, providing the very best seafood Alaska has to offer.

About AuditComply

AuditComply is an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) platform, revolutionizing the way enterprises assess, track, action and report on risk, compliance and quality processes in real time. Defining the next generation of GRC, AuditComply empowers enterprises to Mitigate Risk, Drive Compliance and Improve Quality within the industry’s most innovative and user-friendly assessment platform.

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